#NaBloPoMo Day 26: New Services

Photo Credit: Lori Steed www.essencecaptured.com...more

#NaBloPoMo Day 17: Holistic Health Reincarnation

I wanted to write some more about a shift in my focus on the kind of care I give to others. Istarted to discuss this the other day, but I did not really talk about how I am wanting to combine my healing efforts and offer a more “full service” or holistic kind of care to my clients....more

Can a Pill Popper Still Be Green? Modern Meds v. Eco Ideals

With all my talk about chemicals, a couple readers have asked me how I feel about prescription medications. What does “Ms. Natural” think about kids taking Adarol, moms taking Zoloft, and Tylenol for teething? Image: me and the sysop via Flickr ...more
I've actually quit taking opioids and muscle relaxers after 12 years because they just weren't ...more

Yoga: The key to balance and life…

 If there’s one thing yoga taught me it’s this: balance is the key to a happy and healthy life....more

No Poo

It feels to me like holistic living is a deep and slippery slope. One day your buying all organic, investigating labels, hunting out GMO's (genetically modified organism "foods"). You want to feed yourself and your family the best you can. Then your inspecting your non-stick pots and pans with a sudden sense of panic. Debating switching them to copper or something more eco friendly. Your drinking filtered water. but is your water clean enough? Perhaps a new whole house reverse osmosis filtering system might be in order....more
haha.. you said 1 T water to 1 C of baking soda.... lol !! wow!more

Are Anti-Depressants Good or Evil?

I’m sitting in the green room, about to appear on Daytime TV, and the television is blaring in the background. Now mind you, I don’t have television in my home so I’m a bit out of the loop. But since I’ve been sitting here, I’ve seen one anti-depressant ad after another (mixed in with ads for lawyers who want to help you sue your doctor if you had complications from your anti-depressant). WTF? ...more
I found myself relating to many of you because I also suffer from severe chronic pain along with ...more

Husbands...They Try So Hard

So, since this is Wisconsin and it only began to warm up in June (I think, the thermometer in my car read 53 degrees today), sunblock hasn't been at the top of my list yet. But, paypal was running a special for drugstore.com (spend $20 and get $10 off, WOO HOO) so I got onto the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) sunblock guide so that I could find the safest sunblocks, within our budget and have my order ready to be placed come pay day....more

Bach Flower Essences


How To Lose Weight With Love: An MD’s Thoughts On Owning Your Health

"Expressions of Self Love," artwork by Rita Loyd (c) 2005...more

Naturopathy and Self-Healing

Naturopathy is an alternative medicine system that believes in the healing power of nature. According to the naturopathy philosophy, our body has the capacity to heal itself of any disease if it is aided by the right natural elements. Naturopaths focus on educating people to make appropriate lifestyle changes to increase their body’s capacity to heal.A Typical ND Visit...more