Husbands...They Try So Hard

So, since this is Wisconsin and it only began to warm up in June (I think, the thermometer in my car read 53 degrees today), sunblock hasn't been at the top of my list yet. But, paypal was running a special for (spend $20 and get $10 off, WOO HOO) so I got onto the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) sunblock guide so that I could find the safest sunblocks, within our budget and have my order ready to be placed come pay day....more

Bach Flower Essences


How To Lose Weight With Love: An MD’s Thoughts On Owning Your Health

"Expressions of Self Love," artwork by Rita Loyd (c) 2005...more

Naturopathy and Self-Healing

Naturopathy is an alternative medicine system that believes in the healing power of nature. According to the naturopathy philosophy, our body has the capacity to heal itself of any disease if it is aided by the right natural elements. Naturopaths focus on educating people to make appropriate lifestyle changes to increase their body’s capacity to heal.A Typical ND Visit...more


Once we become conscious of the world around us, we begin a struggle to come to peace with ourselves and the world, to come to terms with the mysterious and in large measure unknown universe. Sages and seers have uncovered the answers within themselves through meditation. Today the world is going back to this age-old technique for wholesome living....more

Healing Our DNA

To Diet Or Not To Diet

Whenever I utter the word “diet,” people fidget in their seats, their faces harden, and they say, “oh no—not me. I’m not going there.” So before your shutters go up, please give me a chance to explain. Skinny Thinking is not a diet; it’s about creating a new relationship to food that automatically results in greater health and a healthier weight. Diets are temporary. People are willing to stick to them for a while in order to lose weight; then they can stop and go back to their bad habits....more

A Woman, a Pioneer, an Inspiration: Caroline Myss

Caroline MyssIf you have benefited from any treatments based on Energy anatomy, or are even if you are contemplating trying them, you have Caroline Myss to thank for it! Caroline is an internationally renowned speaker who has written several bestselling books based on holistic healing practices....more

Kombucha... Definitely not the scariest thing you'll put in your mouth.. but close!

I've always been a fan of gross things. When I was 19 and lived in a college house with 5 other people, including 2 frat boys. Long story short, some morning I would wake up and go in the kitchen and find the sink filled to the brim with unidentifiable, nasty liquid from the party that was thrown the night before. I was always the person to put my hand into the sink and pull some foreign object out of the drain to help relieve the situation. It never bothered me. So when my husband suggested brewing our own kombucha, I was all for it. ...more

I have heard about this! The person who told me told tales of a hairy looking mass floating ...more

Parenting Tips to Empower Parents to Interact Positively with Their Child

Some Tips to Empower Parents to Create Positive Relationships with their children: • Trust your feelings about how to parent your child. There are no experts, only people who can offer you advice. The expert is you and every child is unique in their experience. • Honor your child’s natural abilities. Every child is unique and needs to be recognized for the values they have within themselves. • Be willing to be flexible while correcting your child. Punishments handed out while feeling frustration or anger are usually overreactions to how we are feeling in the moment. ...more