Heavenly Vegan Hollandaise

Rick and I ate buckets of hollandaise last week, all in the name of research and good recipe development. Not exactly a terrible thing to have to do, and a whole lot healthier than if I were making the stuff out of butter and eggs. The recipe is ready to share, so in preparation for our Gluten Free March, here's a lovely sauce that can dress up darn near anything you choose to drown in it... I mean, serve it with. Test this recipe, and make any changes that suit you, so you'll have it ready to roll forevermore....more

Recipes for Asparagus: Steam, Grill, or Roast and Enjoy!

This time of year, recipes for asparagus are as plentiful as tree pollen (but not quite as excessive as recipes for ramps).  The Accidental Locavore shares recipes and ideas for asparagus (to see how to pick asparagus check out the “...more

Charly Here, BTW it was a ROUGH Week...

WE made Eggs benedict, It was so delicious. Me and Vicke were cooking up that canadian bacon.         ...more

Learned something new, you have to goto FLickr to upload the Pictures ladies..lol.. I will give ...more

Tereka Introduction.

Yeah Vickie, I asked T. To join in, I know This past week was HELL,so bad I hadn't gotten on, so ...more

English Muffins & Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict

Sometimes you want a nice big breakfast for dinner.  Usually when that particular craving is upon me, I make a big stack of pancakes and eggs over-easy or I whip up some French toast.   Tonight, I wanted something a little more decadent.  I wanted something where I could really flex my baking/cooking muscles and prove (to myself, at least) what a great cook I can be.  Yes, I’m bragging.  I made Eggs Benedict 100% from scratch.  I made homemade English muffins and I made homemade Hollandaise Sauce.  I made perfectly poached eggs and caramelized the ...more