Standing Up and Speaking Out For My Child With Autism

Before I was Leo's mom, I would have been likely to choose defenestration over confrontation. But kids like my son, who has intense autism, require advocacy, and advocacy requires standing up and speaking out on matters that conflict with his best interests. We parents and caregivers who want real change, real results, and real information for our children with special needs have to be smarter and stronger than perhaps we ever imagined. Here are four approaches to the advocacy our kids deserve. 1) Get Informed. ...more
Here, here. We need to to be fierce, intelligent advocates for our children. I am proud that in ...more

Autism Activist Holly Robinson Peete: More Than a Celebrity Apprentice

Holly Robinson Peete's appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice has communicated one very clear message about autism parents: Don't get in our way when we're trying to help our kids!...more

Thanks for sharing this great interview! I was pulling for her, but it was good to see her in ...more