300 Is Racist, Ableist and Homophobic As Hell

I watched 300 last night, and recorded my reactions, which were slightly drunken and funny.  I have come to the conclusion that at minimum it is incredibly racist, homophobic and ableist, if not more (I haven't had time to delve further into all the horrible things I saw).  Especially racist.  Like, probably the most racist movie I've ever seen, and it came out in 2007, so these people have zero excuse of any kind. Here it is: 8-18-14, 8 pm ...more

And the Oscar Goes To...

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO...  On the eve of another Oscar award ceremony, whereby Hollywood kisses each other's asses and pretends to be all humble when we all know they secretly hate each other,  I have compiled a list of my own making, which I believe is more appropriate. So put on your fancy clothes, hire a limo, pour some bubbly, smile for the paparazzo, and prepare an acceptance speech (and for ...more

I Just Said Good-Bye to LA. But Now I'm Back ... for the Grammys!

Today I am full of questions I never thought I'd ask myself: What will life be like now that I've left Los Angeles? Will I be able to really let the hope of returning to my acting career go? How do I process being back in the City of Angels... the city I left just seven days ago... and what the hell am I going to wear to the freaking GRAMMYs? Yes, you read correctly: G-R-A-M-M-Y-S. ...more

The Girl

Samantha Geimer, who in 1977 was the 13 year-old who was "the girl" in the infamous Roman Polanski sexual abuse case, has finally chosen to tell the whole, sordid story in her own words in The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski....more

Young Hollywood: Fame. Fortune. Fallout.

During the golden era of old Hollywood, where starlets like Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall and Ava Gardner ( just to name a few) had to worry about the infamous casting couch from certain heads of studios wanting to get into their pants before signing their contracts; these days, it's about the glitz, glamor and twerking that seemingly determines a celebrity prominence in the  eyes of adoring fans and Hollywood gamechangers....more

Fatphobia in Hollywood: My Twitter Conversation with Jennifer Aspen

Before I begin this blog, let me state upfront that I live in Toronto, not Los Angeles. I have no idea what it must be like to live in a culture where being thin is the ideal and fatness is looked down upon – at least, that’s how the culture seems to me, a fat feminist from Canada. I’m sure it’s hard. I’m sure there are all kinds of fad diets out there, and if you’re a star, the least little bit of fat is photographed and plastered all over People Magazine or some other publication. That would be horrible, and probably is horrible....more

Brian DePalma To Direct Joe Paterno Biopic: No Silver Linings In This Playbook

Happy Valley is the title of Brian De Palma’s upcoming biopic about Joe Paterno. With extensive evidence to prove Paterno's role in covering up Jerry Sandusky’s pedophilia, doesn't a film about his life profit on the suffering of those whose truth he denied? With so many lies for the sake of his football legacy, there are no silver linings to be found in Paterno’s playbook....more
@alexash It could though. They may feel like their experience is validated somewhat. That ...more

Golden Globes and...ahem..."Quirky" People

Watching the Golden Globes and…ahem…”Quirky” People interact with each other on network television during this year’s show was pretty fun for me, and I’ll tell you why....more

2012 Celebrity Year In Review: What Will You Remember?

As 2012 comes to a close we're taking the opportunity to look back at the biggest celebrity stories that eclipsed all others during the past twelve months. And it wasn't easy to narrow them down.Jan 31, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Heidi Klum and Seal arrive for the Grammy Awards show..(Credit Image: © Lisa O'Connor/ZUMAPRESS.com)Taking the major events in chronological order, former Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum and Seal announced in early January: “While we have enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, after much soul searching we have decided to separate."  The couple are both dating others since filing for divorce -- Heidi has hooked up with her bodyguard.NEXT--> ...more
Number 1 for me?  The death of Adam Yauch.  It still seems surreal even though he had been ill ...more

Divorce Douchebags

Divorce Douchebags takes a look at some of the more despicable, outlandish behavior of famous divorced couples.  From greed to infidelity, these people will make you feel great about your own divorce.  At the very least you will smile and shake your head knowing your a reasonable divorcee!http://www.lisathomsonlive.com/divorce-douchebags/...more