Marilyn: Goddess

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How We Bastardize Women's Empowerment

One of my greatest pet peeves is when I see a movie or show with a woman who is on a killing spree or vendetta type mission and next thing out of everyone’s mouth is “That girl kicked butt.” The comments and reviews call these roles empowering for women. Yes, she may have kicked butt but I don’t think that is empowerment at all....more

Name Dropper

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Scandal! An Interview with Crisis Queen Judy Smith, Who Inspired the Hit TV Series

Does anyone else hear the big click when the Universe unlocks her abundance, when Diosito bathes you with goodness? That’s how I felt when I guest hosted NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin when Michel was away. ...more

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Oscar Movies That Would Have Been Better with Female Leads

The Academy Awards are on Sunday and while we’re all wondering if Viola Davis and The Help or George Clooney and The Descendants will take home big prizes, the approach of Oscar night got me to thinking about the need for more leading roles for women in big movies....more
You know, I actually thought about "Chariots of Fire" but didn't use it because I thought it ...more

Hollywood Arsonist (It’s LA!) by Brian Leiken

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They're Golden: 2012 Golden Globes Style Report

Most award shows seem to have an unexpected theme on the red carpet, as though everyone’s stylist got the memo that the dress code would be jewel tones or little black dresses or lots of vintage jewelry. At the Golden Globes this year, from traditional to modern, there was something for all viewers to tweet that they loved....more
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Best Movies Ever — In A Lonely Place

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Season's Greetings: The Road to Oscar

I had a conversation months ago with a friend in Sydney about an Australian film I wanted to see, Oranges and Sunshine. It was already on DVD there. I told her, we’d probably see it here in early winter. It’s not the holiday season that brings the best films of the year to theaters. And I'm pretty sure none of Meryl Streep’s contracts stipulate her films be winter releases. It’s all about Oscar consideration, which begins in January. To keep those contenders fresh in the minds of voters, the studios save the best for last....more
Descendants!!!!!! Great movie. Plus, my sister is in it! She plays George Clooney"s wife's ...more