Love, Hollywood Style

Here's a little Valentine's Day inspiration for you! I'm in love with these photos of these in love classic Hollywood couples....more

Winsome Theocrats

Second-guessing my understanding of the word, I looked it up in the dictionary. winsome [win-suhm]–adjectivesweetly or innocently charming; winning; engaging: a winsome smile....more

'Tis The Season: 17th Annual SAG Awards

My family has been making movies for a long time. Long before CGI, before Technicolor, before sound. They helped create and support the organizations giving out awards this season. And maybe that’s why I’m always more interested in who takes home a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award than a Golden Globe. ...more

We'd also love to see more female directors, writers, editors and producers. In our coverage of ...more

Oscar Noms: "King's Speech" vs. "True Grit," Christopher Nolan was Robbed

See this is why ten Academy Award Best Picture nominees is ridiculous. We're talking Christopher Nolan, folks. Yep, the director of Inception. It's ironic that the reason the ten nominations came into being last year was because of the work of one of the best directors in Hollywood -- who's now been stiffed by the 2011 Oscar nominations. Two years ago in my post about the expanded Best Picture nominees, I saw this as a potential problem:...more

With 10 nominees for Best Picture you're going to have to get cracking if you're gonna see them ...more

Golden Globes 2011 Fashion Recap

Blame it on the booze, the amazing food, the intimate table seating and the fact that the celebs get to share a table with their cast and crew mates, that makes for a more relaxing and easygoing experience for everyone, not to mention the timely fashion in which they finish ... but let's get to what we really watch award shows for, shall we: TO SEE WHAT THEY'RE WEARING of course! ...more

Sophia Vergara's dress is smokin' and she's just plain smokin'!! I love all the bold colors and ...more

I llveblogged the 2011 Golden Globes and all I got was this mild headache.

Brad and Angelina on the red carpet (image via @RedCarpetTeam)...more

My Hollywood Night at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards

4:05pm: The car was twenty minutes early, but I’m not ready. My dress and shoes are waiting on the bed, but my face is still makeup-free. My husband Jeff, due to walk the red carpet in under an hour, starts to think about something to wear. 4:53pm: We’re climbing into the shiny black Mercedes when I ask my husband to give me a final once-over. The sunlight reveals that my undergarments are showing, so it’s back inside for a few adjustments....more

Thanks for the AMAZING recap, Laura! I felt like I was there! As always, I love living ...more

Angelina, The Actor/Director, and Why There Really May Be No Such Thing as Bad Publicity.

As if it's not enough that she's all gorgeous and has a gaggle of international babies and millions of dollars AND Brad Pitt, now Angelina Jolie is adding director to the list of things she will probably be annoyingly better at than me. And of course, she's being all Angelina about it and NOT starring in the movie herself, making it all that much harder for me to hate on her for it. Touche, Angie. I've always enjoyed a challenge. ...more
  A "Have her cake and eat it" scenario. Aside from her beauty, her noble attributes as a ...more

Actress Helen Mirren Calls Out Hollywood for Penis Worship

Say what you want about Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren, but don't ever say that she pulls her punches. In fact she landed a couple of doozies squarely on Hollywood's jaw when she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment breakfast. ...more

Yup, she's very gutsy. That's also one of the reasons she's such a good ...more

"Gilmore Girls" Cast: Where Are They Now?

Y'all may know I'm a huge "Gilmore Girls" fan, and even though the show ended its final season three years ago, that doesn't mean I don't check in on Stars Hollow now and then in reruns on ABC Family. And lately I've been thrilled to see quite a few former "Gilmore Girls" cast members all over primetime TV. That got me to thinking it was time for a "Where are they now?" "Gilmore Girls" post. So here it is....more
Yes, saw Alexis on "Mad Men,"--not sure she carried that role off.  Haven't yet seen "Bunheads" ...more