Actress Helen Mirren Calls Out Hollywood for Penis Worship

Say what you want about Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren, but don't ever say that she pulls her punches. In fact she landed a couple of doozies squarely on Hollywood's jaw when she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment breakfast. ...more

Yup, she's very gutsy. That's also one of the reasons she's such a good ...more

"Gilmore Girls" Cast: Where Are They Now?

Y'all may know I'm a huge "Gilmore Girls" fan, and even though the show ended its final season three years ago, that doesn't mean I don't check in on Stars Hollow now and then in reruns on ABC Family. And lately I've been thrilled to see quite a few former "Gilmore Girls" cast members all over primetime TV. That got me to thinking it was time for a "Where are they now?" "Gilmore Girls" post. So here it is....more
lemr88 Christal Roberts As always, better late than never! Yes, good choice Netflix.  Never too ...more

Everyone Loves a Fat Man

So I am aware that this issue has already been addressed by many others, including the Marie Claire fiasco, but I want to contribute another perspective to a continuous cookie-cutter production of nauseating ‘fat-man/hot wife’ sitcoms. The idealized marital situation has been clogging our televisions like cholesterol-saturated arteries since The Honeymooners way back in black and white....more

Summer Doldrums

 This is a slow time of year in the biz.  Summer doldrums. Companies will be gearing up for their Q4 ads soon so audition activity will be picking up in a month or so. All those holiday toy spots have to be ready by fall....more

Do Hollywood's Naughty Celebs Influence Teens?

In spite of how diligently we try to guard our kids' impressionable minds, somehow the entertainment industry’s pressures gets by our best protective filters: Movies, TV, ads or simply standing next to glossy magazine covers at the grocery checkout line exposes our youth to celebrity lifestyles an...more

Celebrities: The Cost of Fame

Will the Gentlemen Please Stand Up?

Come on Jesse James, really? You are married to a woman often coined the most beloved actress in Hollywood yet you still can't keep your pants zipped? I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Sandra Bullock. There are millions of rumors of how nice she is to everyone, how fair and even keeled she is with her employees. This list of her "non-Hollwood-esque" attributes could go on forever. And I haven't even touched on her beauty... or her acting talent. She is surely what I would call, "the total package"....more

When Howard Dissed Gabby...

...he wasn't all wrong.  This fat chick wants to tell you why. It would be a beautiful thing if we lived in a world where appearance didn't matter. Where we were all hired, chosen, and esteemed based on merit and character alone. It's certainly something to strive for - but we ain't there yet. Just a note: I'm going to be using the terms "conventional" and "traditional" beauty repeatedly. This is shorthand for the typically thin, athletic, silky-haired, youthful definition of attractiveness to which most modern western cultures ascribe....more

Oscars Predictions 2010: Who Should Win, Who Will Win

Hollywood's biggest night is just days away, and the question on everyone's lips in Tinseltown is, "How the hell are we going to get through the night with ten Best Picture nominations!? That's right, ladies and gents, in case you've forgotten, when it came to Best Picture nomination, this year the Academy instituted the emergency "Dark Knight rule." ...more

I think "The Lovely Bones" is a really nice and heart warming story. It lacked the dramatic ...more

Does the Media Pressure You to be Hot?

Yesterday I slathered on sunless tanner (ahem, review purposes). I even dressed up a bit....more