Balance and my Baby

I listened to a statistic today that noted that moms' are home more often but are spending less time with their children. The distractions of the online lifestyle and business have slid into first place with both SAHM AND WAHM! I felt a little shock when I had to admit, I was that MOM. My daughter an addict for animation is watching Peter Pan at the moment.   Just a little thought I would like to spread as I am going to make a conscious decision to play with her more often. OFF WITH THE TV! ON TO ME!    ...more

Splitting hairs over Slumdog

With all the noise surrounding it -- Critic's Choice, Golden Globe, SAG Awards and now the  The Oscar -- it's a bit hard to think clearly about Slumdog Millionaire and how I felt about it when I first saw it about a month ago. ...more

Chris, Jessica, good to see you here.

Glad you enjoyed it, Chris.

Jessica, it's ...more

Online Video Series: Will They Replace TV Viewing?

Sometimes blog posts come from the strangest of circumstances.  Like pissing off a big time TV producer. Last fall I did a post on Megan's Minute called "The New Beverly Hills 90210, A Lot Like the Old "Beverly Hills 90210," and I gave the show an okay review.  I also referred to the excutive producer of the show as Rob Thomas of "Veronica Mars and Dawson's Creek" fame and mentioned that the old "90210" was produced by "Sex and the City's" Darren Star." Well turns out I was wrong on both counts. ...more

What's a "conservative" movie?

Did anybody go see An American Carol? If you listen to talk radio, chances are you were exhorted to go see it. I didn't. The ad for it looked stupid and I don't trust any reviewer's assurance that something is "funny." People thought -- or were told -- Charlie Chaplin was funny. ...more

An Interview with Academy Award Winner Mary Steenburgen of "Four Christmases"

I love Mary Steenburgen. She's one of those actresses who slips in and out of roles, seemingly with little effort and she brings a quiet, steely, strength to whatever character she plays. Her latest movie, "Four Christmases" is about a couple, Kate and Brad (Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn) whose yearly plan to avoid family Christmases is thwarted by a blizzard. Since their parents are divorced, that means four visits with four sets of dysfunctional parents, siblings, step-siblings and significant others. Mary Steenburgen plays Kate's Mom, Marilyn. ...more

That must have been fun!  Though probably also hard work. 

Thanks for the ...more



Paul Newman On My Mind

This morning I woke to the news that Paul Newman succumbed to cancer. For several months, whenever I stood in line at grocery check out counters, I read about his final days at home in Stamford, Connecticut, with Joanne Woodward, his wife of over 40 years. In photos, he looked really old and really sick, yet still handsome. ...more

I have loved Paul Newman for the appropriate use of "fewer" as well :) Thanks for this wonderful ...more

Top Ten List for Hollywood, Post Wall Street Tumble

It’s the day after Lehman Brothers has announced bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch has sold itself for pennies on the dollar, the day after AIG teetered on the edge and hundreds of thousands of employees suddenly were left without jobs.    ...more

Hypnobirth was "really Zen" for Jessica Alba, rewarding for others

I'll admit my finger is not exactly on the pulse of Hollywood happenings. I have far too much going on in my life to add celebrity watching to the list. However, when there is a natural or home birth in Hollywood (things near and dear to my heart), the news usually crosses my path one way or another. And so I was both surprised and pleased to read yesterday that Jessica Alba's new daughter Honor Marie Warren was born via a natural hypnobirth. ...more

Before reading this article I had never heard of hypnobirth.

 Still is seams natural ...more

"In Plain Sight," Colorful Casting Would Have Made It A Better Show

The lead character on "In Plain Sight" should have been a black woman.   How's that for an opening line? But I'm serious.  She should have been a black woman.  Why do I say this?  Because after watching the pilot episode of "In Plain Sight" and several episodes since, I keep thinking:  what a bland show.  It's kind of like watching a show that's set in New York but was shot on the gritty streets of Toronto:  there's nothing special about it and it's obvious to anyone who's been there, it's not New York. ...more