Giving Back - The volunteers descend on Ghana

That time of year is upon us again in Ghana – the time where every international flight that arrives, pours out scores of the bright and bushytailed, the hopeful and positive, the naïve and trusting… they are… THE VOLUNTEERS. Most of them come for the summer, some come to build a school and leave, some come for 6 months or even 2 year contracts. I hear that some of them pay thousands of hard earned or raised money to come and volunteer. ...more

Back when I was a volunteer, we did not even consider looking into the issues in our own ...more

"I'm nobody's sassy black friend."

Nor am I "part of a 'niche' audience" called "women". ...more

Hollywood's Summer Movies 2008

Next Saturday is the first day of summer and you know what that means, don't you? Hollywood's summer movies! Well, er...sort of. Several of the so-called summer movies have already been released because in Hollywood summer starts around Memorial Day. But I refuse to operate on Hollywood's timetable. Megan operates on her own timetable---and er, BlogHer's---so here's your summer movie preview based on my own strict movie going standards. ...more

When I referred to Meryl Streep's comic turns, I didn't mean "TDWP"  She and Anne ...more

Parents, Are You Ready For Your Child’s Close-Up?

It can be very heady and exciting the first time you see your child in a magazine or on television. Maybe you have a really cute baby or a talented child and people are constantly telling you your kid should be in commercials and films. As you start to do your research on baby modeling, casting calls, finding an agent, getting headshots, etc., don’t forget to ask yourself one of the most important questions you can ask as a parent – are you ready for this? ...more

Asians In Hollywood: From Anna May Wong To "Kung Fu Panda"

I've always said the only people worse represented throughout Hollywood history than black people, were Asian people. Just like we had our share of white actors parading around in blackface, Asians had to tolerate white actors in yellowface: that is, white actors made up to look like and play Asian characters. ...more

This week I had four bright and inquisitive kids (nieces and nephews) staying at my house. I ...more

Girl Power

The mainstream media consistently slams women for their contributions to society. From Madison Ave to D.C. ...more

What Happens in Vegas

...stays in Vegas. But have you ever noticed nothing good ever comes from that expression? It's not exactly cool realizing the hooker you just hired to give you a BJ is actually a man. What, like that's never happened to you? ...more

Lila's Friday TOP 5 - WORST movie lines ever! What are yours?

First of all, my apologies for being late on the weekly top 5! Ill children come first. Since I started with a "best" movie lines list, now let's hear your worst. Either dumb, wrong sentiment, corny, ridiculous, etc... there are too many really to count. 1. "yea we did". A Few Good Men. Can't really explain this without listening to it for yourself. At the end in the courtroom, when 1 defendant says it to the other in response to saying "we did nothing wrong!" Errgh. Just the little-boy-voice from a Marine gets to me. Wrong wrong wrong. ...more

Britney Spears Train Wreck Derails, Hospitalized

If you care, Britney Spears was hospitalized late last night after barricading herself in a closet and refusing to turn over custody of her two pawns (children) to ex-husband Kevin Federline’s body guard, who had come to pick them up at the end of Britney’s visitation with them yesterday. ...more

WGA Strike Continues: I Am Working on My Beard, Too

You following the Writers' Guild of America strike at all? It's been going on now since November 5th, I was surprised to learn. (Time flies, eh?) My interest was rekindled in the last couple of days by something trivial: The Strike Beard, worn by those in support of the strike. Photo credit: AP. ...more

I'm not a big union person, I think that the majority of the reasons for founding unions have ...more