Why Holocaust Remembrance Day Matters

Holocaust Remembrance Day begins at sundown. It’s a day to remember and reflect upon the fact that 6 million Jews were persecuted, tortured, and killed some 70 years ago....more

Teaching Holocaust Memorial Day

#HolocaustMemorialDay No doubt, it is critical to teach our children about history; but it is so hard to teach them about the realities of history.  As a teacher, it is difficult to find the lessons that will build the stories and voices who have been silenced; as a mother, it is difficult to teach the lessons without holding my children with my arms, close to me as I read the words. ...more

Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah starts on Sunday night and ends on Monday at sundown.I haven’t taught the kids about the Holocaust yet.  Other than in the most general of terms – they know about WWII, and they know that Hitler and the Nazis were terrible, terrible people, and they did awful things to the Jews.  They even know that a lot of Jewish people died during the war, and that’s part of why Jews are such a minority....more

Nearer My Mom, To Thee

I can’t remember the last time I spent Mother’s Day with my mother...in person. She’s been gone almost ten years and before that she lived in Florida while I lived in California. The times we spent together during the Mother’s Days of that period were reduced to the length of a phone call, and there was always an undercurrent of guilt fueling that obligatory call....more

Children and the Holocaust: When Do We Talk About It?

Today is Yom HaShoah -- Holocaust Remembrance Day. It's on our calendar, though I totally forgot about it; I had no idea why Josh chose to broach the topic of teaching the twins about the Holocaust in the car this morning on the way to the Metro. They're young. But there's a reason for doing it now instead of five years from now: to introduce them to a survivor, before all of the survivors are gone. We could wait five years to tell them about the Holocaust, but anyone with strong memories of that time is already in their 70s or 80s by now. ...more
Thank you for everyone who weighed in.  It's such a difficult question to wrap your mind around ...more


This afternoon I finished reading Night by Elie Wiesel in preparation for this week's book club meeting. ...more

Just Rewards

Monocle, Owl, LampLinz, Austria.  April 30, 1945.A man moved casually down a dark alley, unafraid of the dense fog and dark shadows.  Seen only from behind he was any old Joe; any man with an overcoat and hat, collar up against the cold winter night.  He stopped in front of a doorway, checked the address against a paper in his hand and knocked....more
Horror affects everybody different, and I really liked this one. But oh-well. I will be coming ...more

A Holocaust Memorial that Pulls You Into the Story

To see the photos that go with this text, please click on my original blog post: http://arollingcrone.blogspot.com/ Last month in Miami Beach I was riding in a taxi when I saw out of the window a remarkable sight—a forty-two-foot-tall sculpture of a hand reaching skyward out of a reflecting pond. And scrambling up the wrist were what seemed to be life-sized human figures. ...more

Sarah's Key

Directed (and co-wrote the screenplay) by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, Hugo Productions, 2010-2011....more

"I'm Fighting The Nazis, Mom" -- Talking to Kids About The Holocaust

After watching Indiana Jones multiple times last summer, I found Jake, my 7-year-old son, in his room one day with a belt tied diagonally across his shoulder, wrapping around his waist. A hat on his head and a rope in his hand. "What're you doing buddy?" I asked. "Playing Indiana Jones," he said. "Oh, yeah?" I laughed at his ingenuity. Jake was never a big costume kind of kid, so I was surprised to see him in this self-made get up. Proud of his creativity. "I'm fighting the Nazis," he said....more
I agree with Dorothy and would like to add - why not let the boys (and girls) play Indy or ...more