Home Automation and Future of Advertising

The past few years have given us the smartphone and the smart television, but the dream of the smart home – one where appliances talked to us, the blinds opened when the sun rose, or the garage door opened automatically when we pulled into the driveway – seemed to be lost on the horizon … until recently. Now, new technology is making attainable the dream of a smart home....more

Gadgets to Automate Your Home

   Gadgets to Automate Your Home...more

Nest Learning Thermostat: A One Month Review

One of the best geeky gifts I've ever received is this little programable learning thermostat called Nest. The Nest is definitely my favorite gadget gift from Christmas 2012....more
@elaineR.N. I am so impressed with this little thermostat that I bought 3 for the office. It ...more