Creative Bathroom DIY Renovation Ideas

If you are looking for cheaper ways to make changes in your bathroom or if you are bored of the old setting, the following tips will help you make smart changes in the bathroom without having to remodel the bathroom or spending a large amount on the upgrading.Determine the Theme...more

So Fresh & So Clean: Half-Bath Makeover Reveal

Our house has a half bathroom on the first floor, but for the first few months after moving in, we would climb the stairs to the second floor to avoid it.It looks nice enough here, right? But upon closer examination......more
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8 Reasons to Add a Shower Porch

I admit I have had some remodeling ideas that may not have been practical. They were visually appealing, in my opinion, but maybe weren't efficient. For example leaving the beams exposed in the living and dining area of a little house we moved and remodeled. There was no way to insulate and add supporting beams. After arguing with my husband and a couple of workers, I gave up and we have a sheetrock ceiling -- boring. ...more

Home Tour: Master Bathroom Reveal!

The total amount of months it took us to complete our renovation was fifteen. I spent almost every day after work at the house, almost every weekend and it just about killed me. Going into the renovation I knew it would be one of the hardest things I had ever done but also, what I wanted to do more then anything I had ever wanted to achieve in my entire life. This master bathroom was my treat to myself....more

Rustic Bathroom Re-do (part 1)

I like to decorate.  No…I LOVE to decorate, like addicted, #cantstopwontstop.  So I’m redoing this perfectly legit bathroom #dontjudgeeatfudge.  It was fine before.  But when we’re done it will be AWESOME!Here’s the before:...more

15 Remodeling Projects that Pay back the Most

As a homeowner, you will definitely be required to make an improvement or upgrade your home at some point in the future, particularly when want to sell it. But before undertaking any remodeling project, it is important to know which types of projects have the highest return on investment (ROI). This article discusses 15 remodeling projects that pay back the most:1. Room Additions...more