When Life gives you Lemons


You Can Learn a Lot About Someone by the Color of Their Eye Shadow

It's easy enough to buy a eye shadow kit with tutorials, we've all done it, but the real problem lies in..  Where's the crease? Highlight the brow bone?...more

Homemade lotion/face cream recipe

A few days ago my friend asked my why I look so much older than I used to (sigh!!!) Imagine! Maybe because people get older, and when they get older they look older. Maybe because I am not 21 anymore like all of his girlfriends. Maybe because I do not wear an inch of a make-up on my face every single day. And maybe because I like the sun and I am not a vampire as most of his friends think they are ....more

i often DYI if i can just do it, in that way you know what's in the things you use. thanks for ...more