The Real Danger in America: Hospital Birth

As tempting as it is to make emotional arguments against the safety of home birth, as Feministe did recently, it's not home births that are driving America's high rates of maternal and fetal death. It's hospital birth. America has among the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country. ...more
The problem I have with this blog, and all the others, and all the other articles, is that there ...more

Do Women Matter in Childbirth?

Women -- from every ethnicity and every socioeconomic background -- deserve respect and dignity and consideration while they're giving birth and access to safe care that provides it. We need a spectrum of choices that are best suited to our situations. Stress and anxiety and separation from the mother at birth are not optimal childbirth outcomes and rarely are necessary for a birth that proceeds normally. Certified nurse midwife-attended births are associated with specific benefits in this regard. ...more
Well, Emily! It seems you have a wealth of childbirth experience and are well versed in options ...more

"ma maw" las vegas and mothering

Michael and I are headed out tomorrow, bright and early.  We got married in Las Vegas 11 years ago, and we are going back to celebrate :)  ...more
@victorias_view i know, i melted, i said it after him and 'you said it" and hugged him, he's ...more

A Guide to Holding Birth Trauma

Scary things can happen in birth sometimes. It's not something we like to think about, but the fear of emergencies in birth is something that lurks in the corners of the minds of pregnant women and their caregivers alike....more

one heart, big and full

Moxie, my love:I was sleepless against your warm self, nestled so cozily against my belly. My belly, in which you were, all of one year ago.I want to write of your birth, but the feelings haven't really settled into the right words yet. Maybe that will come later. Or maybe never....more

The Accidental Midwife: I Delivered a Baby Today

I delivered a baby today. (I know, right?!!!!) Delivering a baby was certainly was NOT on my “to-do” list for the day, trust me. And yet, it is exactly what happened. ...more

What a beautiful and truly amazing story :) I cried as I read it! Who knew the urge to get a ...more

5 Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth

When I became pregnant for the second time, it took visiting my local doctor once for me to decide that home birth was a must for me. And although I’d considered home birth on occasion, when I finally settled into that route for my birth, it became a life-changing endeavor for my husband and I. Birth can be empowering. Transformative. And such a positive experience. Natural birth. Home birth. It can be all of these things and more. So, for whichever route you choose to approach your upcoming birth from, here are a few very simple but powerful ways a mother can prepare....more

What the New Home Birth Study Doesn't Tell You

Just something short and sweet today since there is so much hoopla over this new “Homebirth Study”.  Major problem I see with it?  It is not focused on planned home births with medical professionals which has been shown to be as safe as hospital births in other studies....more

Highway Robbery...I Mean Health Insurance

Just got off the phone with my health insurance provider. Trying to get them to pay *their share* of the homebirth. You know, the one I discussed with them a year ago. The one they agreed to pay 80% of. Well, let’s just say I’m having trouble calling them a “provider.” They cut a check for less than 40% of the homebirth. Can you imagine if your partner “provided” for you like insurance companies manage to?...more

The Power of Choice: The Law of Birth Centers

Having Choices   ...more