Sew a Removable Pillow Cover with Decorative Piping

Not too long ago, I shared how to make your own embroidered initial.  I finally used the fabric to make a decorative pillow for the new nursery. Decorated with piping edging, this pillow has a very simple and clean look.  The fact that the cover is removable allows me to be able to fill in the monogram in the future.Granted, I’ve never made or used piping before, so I used my intuition, creativeness and logic to make it work. It might not be how professionals do it, but it worked for me....more

Entryway Decor and Inspiration

Yay, I finally decorated my entryway! It's been awhile since I shared a home decor post. Since owning this home for a little over two years, I've learned that decorating is a long, drawn-out process because it's expensive! It takes me forever because I'm indecisive and cheap. The good news is that I'm patient and I'm thrifty....more

How I Got Into Feng Shui

Having grown up in an environment that relied on causality and the Western scientific method as the only legitimate way of explaining things clearly rubbed off on me. A lot. I was, and still am, a very analytical and “left-brained” person. And I’m also a Feng Shui consultant in my spare time....more

Free Printable: "Making Spirits Bright"

Happy Holidays!During this season of giving, I'm gifting you with this vintage-inspired "Making Spirits Bright" print for your holiday needs. ...more

"I just want my house to look like Pottery Barn"

A few weekends ago at a “junk” show I overheard a lady say, “I don’t like any of this stuff, I just want my house to look like Pottery Barn.”  HA!  Bless her heart…  Well, luckily for BOTH of us I was too consumed with my own purchases to set her straight.  But it has been on my mind ever since.  Maybe the term “junk sale” gives people the wrong impression.  These sales are certainly less glamorous than walking into a gorgeously stylized Pottery Barn store.  You have to have an imagination — a creative eye.  But “junk” it ain’t!...more

Home // The Rustic Style

What is Rustic style? How to achieve it? (read more) ...more

My Farm Table


Becoming Minimalist: Why I'm Getting Rid of One Thing a Day

Becoming minimalist mainly started with my move to London. There's really nothing like an international move to make you reassess your belongings. In this particular case, I was moving from a rented apartment in New York to a rented flat in London with no family anywhere near either city....more
Ashleigh Burroughs Yes! It's a hard to start but easy to finish problem. As soon as you start ...more

Hi there!

Hello folks! I'm new to BlogHer but am so excited to be up and running! You can take a look at some of my work by visiting my DIY Design Blog {The Unique Nest}Thanks for visiting and stay tuned... Laura xo...more

FREE Valentines Day Prints

The excitement and joy surrounding holidays has already grown since Mallory arrived. Well, it has for me anyway. I want her to grow up feeling giddy and celebrated with each and every holiday. I know she doesn't remember things like that yet, but it's a good time for me to practice. ...more