Framed Photo of your children

My boys are 15 months old already but only recently I finally decided to get some photo prints of my boys and put them up on our living room wall....more

10 Decorating Tips I Have Learned

 Over the years there are a few things I have learned in decorating my homes. Here are my top 10 decorating tips for you to consider....more

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Wrought Iron and French Country

 Wrought Iron…...more

DIY: Refinishing A Coffee Table

Mark and I have had this coffee table and two matching end tables for about three years, and before that, Mark had them in college in his apartment. They were pretty banged up and scratched after residing in an apartment with boys and they needed a serious face lift....more

Creating a Gallery Wall on a Budget

I have been falling in love with the wall collages I've been seeing everywhere on Pinterest....more

How To Make Your Home Look More Expensive!

It is no secret that one's home is a symbol of status.  Whether it is accurate or not, we assume one's bank account is in direct relation to one's home.   Who of us has not walked into someone's grand or super stylish home and wondered "what do they do for a living?".  Or conversely, assumed that one was of modest means after visiting that person's home....more

Online Boutique

Online Boutique?Hey y’all how does an online boutique sound?    I have started an online store featuring some wonderful French Country items....more

LSR at Home.

First up, happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday with good people, and eating your weight in turkey + pie....more