Our Breakfast Nook

When we first saw the house, I was so excited for this little breakfast nook by the kitchen. It was such a unique feature and I knew right away that I wanted to use it for reading and painting as well. It features a large window with tons of natural light, perfect for an artist.I had my electrician install these lovely little pendant lights from Lowe's for me. Just adds a little whimsy....more

DIY Book Page Bunting

Are you up for a cute and easy paper craft project?I used this easy-to-make book page bunting to decorate a little reading nook I created in my daughter’s nursery, but it could easily be used to pretty up other areas around the home. A project like this is a versatile way to add a little whimsy to your home décor....more

Essentials for a Cozy Guest Room

I love to entertain and host guests … either for an evening or weekend. When friends and family come to stay, I want to be sure they are comfy and cozy in their surroundings! ...more
olive_shoe Sure! I'm totally going to steal that wifi idea.more

How to Make a Super Simple, but Beautiful Book Page Wreath

How to make a book page wreath ...more

DIY Plank Wall


Make Yourself a DIY Farm Dining Table

For some time now we’ve been looking for a different table in our kitchen nook. I thought about re-doing the oak oval pedestal table, we had but never could find the inspiration. We tested every vintage table I brought home to refinish in hopes it might be “the one,” but nothing was ever right....more

Wrapping Paper to Vintage Science chart (the best $3.50 I ever spent)

Our friend Shannon at Defining Details Portrait & Paper Studio sells the most gorgeous wrapping paper, stationary, party supplies, and gifts.  Every time I go in I find all sorts of things I just can’t live without.  Recently she had thick, vintage looking wrapping papers.  I bought two, a world map and common breeds of beef....more

7 Ingredients You Already Own to Create Feng Shui at Home

“Chi Chi” is just one of the many absurd names I call my dog, Ice Cream. “Chi” without my high pitched baby voice and when left unrepeated actually refers to the positive “life breath,” or essentially the energy present in life. Chi runs through the limbs of your body, our Earth, the heavens, your home.“Sha,” however, is the opposite of Chi (or Qi) and is generally negative. Phone lines, highways, canals promote Sha. Chi is more associated with organic or less uniform, curvey shapes. The more Chi your dwelling harbors, the more positive your life’s setting can be....more

Style // Change the look of your bedroom with bedlinen

Looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to give your bedroom a new look? The best way is to renew bedlinen. Bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers not only “dress” the bed but the whole room. So, if you wish to update the style of your bedroom without spending a fortune, keep reading…...more

Interior Styling // How to make a small room look larger

A great way to liven up small spaces are mirrors: hang them on a wall, or  just prop them on the floor.  Mirrors brighten up any room, as they reflect light, and this is perfect for small spaces which appear larger. Here you find a guide to choose the best mirror or mirrors for your room…...more