What Makes a House a Home?

What makes your home different from everyone else's? Are there key things in your home that make it unique, special and a reflection of your personality and history? Show houses may be beautifully furnished, but without personal touches they lack soul....more

A Sophisticated Bedroom Design

I created this room to feel sophisticated and very inviting. The rug is very traditional but the room has some very modern pieces as well. I immediately fell in love with this chevron bed from Crate & Barrel and knew I wanted to create a room around it. ...more

Stay Golden

The passed few months since after I had moved into the bigger bedroom of the house I've been jonesing for a new look. A new bedroom look I mean. I didn't really have an over all look in mind when I started but I think that has allowed me freedom to grow into whatever direction I ended up wanting to take. I started off knowing that I wanted all of my furniture pieces to match. I mean as you can see by the photo it was a hot mess. ...more

Drift Store Desk Makeover and Small Home Office Decorating Ideas

  DIY Project: Chalk painting and decorating a small home office with drift-store finds. For more: www.princessval.com...more


 After we sold two storage units full of our belongings through Craigslist and many more items at our yardsale, we were left with only about half of what we started with, if that, and a pretty sizabl...more

How to: A simple table setting with DIY watercolor napkins

 Remember when I told you about my idea to use our wedding china as our everyday tableware? Well, for the past few weeks we've been doing just that, alongside a few extra additions to the table setting, and I couldn't be happier with the results. For such a small change, it really makes quite an impact on our small apartment.Months ago, I was inspired by none other than the amazing Minted.com which provided a tutorial for bright and beautiful watercolor linens. ...more

10 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Fill Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are everywhere. This is no surprise since they are an easy way to fill up a blank wall and you can find inexpensive frames at your local home or grocery store. ...more
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