Saturday Home Favorites

I really love interior design, so I think I might start a day on my blog dedicated to all things home.  Perhaps call it Saturday Home Favorites ... what do you think?Below are some of my current favorite home items:...more

Fall Mantle- Decorating around a TV


Decorating With The Things You Love

For many women decorating their homes is an enjoyable experience. But for others, just thinking about home decor and design can cause anxiety and sheer waves of panic. In most cases these individuals have tried and fallen short of creating a look they like. Not only can this be frustrating, it can also be expensive. If you can relate to this there's good news. You can easily decorate your home and get amazing results when you decorate with things you love. And the best part is, this is a very cost-effective decorating option.Start With A Theme...more

New to the BlogHer network

Bliss. DIY and home design  ...more

Mixed Media Pastel & Watercolor: Gulf Shore Cottage

 Gulf Shore Cottage 17 x 24 Watercolor & Pastel...more

A Bright Idea Home

Home Renovation - Our Guest Bedroom

My husband and I purchased a 50+ year old house as our first home a few years ago. While the house only had one previous owner (they built it and lived in it their entire lives), we had a lot of updates to do as ...more

Sneaking Stripes Into Modern Quilts

A couple of years ago or so, I realized that I loved to work with solids, that they emphasized the simple geometry of a quilt top in a way that really suited my aesthetic. But apparently somewhere along the line, this preference became a rule– something I realized as I continued to dive into my shot cotton fabric stash, avoiding all those beautiful striped patterns that I once coveted....more
I love this! It looks so warm and cozy! I just want to curl up in it and read a good book :)more

Table Decor - Oh the Possibilities

 Spring fever can make it difficult to really buckle down for hours on end in the sewing room. So I'm taking great pleasure in quick, cheery quilting projects that fit my restless warm weather mood-- and my fondness for table decor.I resurected an old favorite-- diagonal intersecting stripes-- and whipped it up into this little guy....more
Those are all super cute! LOVE all that color!more

First Fashion, Then Bridal, Now Home Decor? Why I Love Ruche (and you should too.)

I shared some fabulous feminine finds a few weeks ago from Ruche, but it appears they have added some new items to their "Home and Office" section just to tempt me (and you.) We're all lucky that Ruche is so afford...more