Style // Change the look of your bedroom with bedlinen

Looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to give your bedroom a new look? The best way is to renew bedlinen. Bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers not only “dress” the bed but the whole room. So, if you wish to update the style of your bedroom without spending a fortune, keep reading…...more

Interior Styling // How to make a small room look larger

A great way to liven up small spaces are mirrors: hang them on a wall, or  just prop them on the floor.  Mirrors brighten up any room, as they reflect light, and this is perfect for small spaces which appear larger. Here you find a guide to choose the best mirror or mirrors for your room…...more

Chic Country Christmas

What’s up, girlfriends?  Today I’m linking up to Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk Link Party…  Have you heard of link parties?  They’re pretty intense.  Once you get locked in you can (and will) party ’til the break o’ dawn in your “yoga” pants, or robe, or… what-evs.  Do not say I didn’t warn you....more

Down-to-earth, uncomplicated holiday decorating inspiration

I have a mini panic attack whenever I see those big plastic bins people use to pack up their Santas, ornaments and wreaths for 11 months out of the year. I don’t have it in me to worry about the whereabouts of snow globes and porcelain nativity scenes during the off-season. It all just seems like too much of a commitment. How am I to know if I’ll still feel the same way next year about a set of Christmas dishes?! I just can’t get locked in like that, man....more

1 sweater, 7 projects

1 $3.99 Goodwill sweater = 4 mason jar votive covers, 2 to-go coffee cozies, and 1 pillow.Step 1: Gather your materials.  I purchased a size small sweater at Goodwill and washed it but if you have an old sweater of your own, even better....more

On being Envious of Other Bloggers

It's a natural part of humanity to have a little bit of envy for others.  They may have the clothes, the lifestyle, the home, or the car that we want.  A little bit of envy never hurt anyone- it gives you goals to work toward....more
patriciaappelquist Thanks!  They're from a couple of my favorite blogsmore

Apple Spiced Pumpkins

Last weekend, during our mountain roadtrip, we stopped in a quaint little country decor shop. While perusing the lovely items filling the store, I spotted these adorable little pumpkins.Upon a closer inspection, I realized the pumpkins were made of applesauce/cinnamon dough. Having been a kindergarten teacher for 10 years, I have made my fair share of applesauce/cinnamon Christmas ornaments & easily recognize applesauce/cinnamon dough creations....more

Latest Outdoor Furniture Trends

As more and more people use their backyard and patio as extensions of their living space, manufacturers of outdoor furniture are producing many new styles and pieces that make life outdoors something rewarding. If you are considering incorporating new outdoor furniture for your patio, the following trends might be something you want to check out....more

Staircase Remodel

 From carpet to wood treads, we are finally here to talk about our staircase remodel!...more

Finding a Chair for my Giant Toddler

So even though Jack was born prematurely, he’s pretty much a giant. He won’t be three until mid-February, but he is already 38” tall (the 93 percentile for height).He’s a big kid. But with me at 5’7” and my husband at 6’4”… well, we kind of expected a giant child.As most kids do, we started out with a highchair. This one to be exact. Here’s a picture from Jack’s 1 year birthday… wow, my hair is really dark. And I was 10 – 15 pounds heavier....more