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Decorating with stripes

Maybe you’re one of those who adores them, or maybe you just can’t stand them, but it’s a fact that stripes are one of the most followed fashion trend. What about home décor then?...more

Saturday Update: Can You Say Emotional Roller Coaster?

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Faux Canvas Wall Art

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Bargain Shopping: Ikea! Do You?

*Note: Ikea in no way sponsors me, gives me any free merchandise, or even knows I exist.  But how I wish they did....   I always love a good bargain and Ikea usually can make me happy. Yesterday was no exception. ...more
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How To Enhance Your Home Decor

 ...Redneck-style.I'm sorry if y'all came here looking for the next Martha Stewart home decor tips, but this isn't the proper platform for such nonsense. Since y'all visit often (thank you very much!), y'all came here for one thing: Southern Charm. I haz it and I'm happy to spread it 'round like a bale of hay on the barn floor! Manure is optional.I know y'all are just clamoring to learn these techniques so that you can put 'em to good use and become rednecks yerselves, so I'll just cut to the chase....more

Ikea Hack: Built-in Bookshelves With Windowseat for Under $350

When we finished our basement a couple of years ago, we made one room an office and lined the walls with IKEA BILLY bookshelves. This summer, when we decided we never really used the office and the space would be better as an art studio, we needed to do something with the books and some of the bookshelves to make room for the large craft tables we now wanted for the space. A friend mentioned an IKEA Hack. I looked it up on-line and became inspired. ...more
We're talking about adding on to our house and this is exactly what I want in the ...more

A Warm and Cozy Start to the New Year

Anyone that knows me is aware that Winter is my least favorite time of year. I’m a Summer baby all the way. Even though our Washington, DC Winters are considered mild to many, I’m pretty miserable right about now. Anyway, I’m trying to be positive and turn my lemons into lemonade (frozen lemonade). ...more

Chic and Simple Holiday Home Decor

I was excited when I was asked to be a part of BlogHer's Getting Noticed This Holiday editorial series. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. Then, I realized that what gets me noticed are my outside-the-box Christmas touches, ideas that require very little money, but make me smile, and inspire others. ...more
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