This is a true story, about someone who can walk i...more

Day Dreamin

I could peruse the internets all day for items to decorate our home.  Problem is.. we only have a 1200 square foot home.  This is where I can dream.  Above are a few of my favorite finds this week....more

Living Room Makeover- Ideas Anyone?

Okay blogging world- I'm ready to redecorate my living room. It's feeling blah- we've been in this house for four years now, and this living room has undergone two paint jobs. I love color and apparently I get bored quickly! Our dining room is a red, but has one wall (pictured below) that is a chalkboard wall- and desperately needs the chalk washed off of it currently.  Keepin it real peeps!...more
My craft closet that I painted is similar to desert sunset. I swear  every time I open the door ...more

It's All About the Details: Railing Design

I posted a couple of days ago about beautiful entry ways, and so often entries have grand staircases. And those staircases are usually the focal point of the entry. When designing a home, one of those little details that can often be looked over is the railing design on your stairs and landings (inside and outside) and gates. Remember, no detail can go unnoticed....more
@BlogHer haha me too! House hunters & International. I admit I DVR to only watch the final ...more