Birthday Money and My Spending Fast Dilemma

With Monday under my belt I am ready to face the rest of the week. I have given myself a "to-do" list, a list of things that need to be accomplished by Saturday.  After procrastinating half of the day away yesterday, I still managed to get alot done.  Operation Mom and Dads Bedroom Recovery is finally organized and ready for the next phase which brings me to todays post....more

The Writing on the Wall: DIY Word Art for the Poor

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 30.0px 'Vtks Black'} span.s1 {letter-spacing: 0.0px} Adventures in DIY...more

In search of some design originality

I've always been intrigued by women who had a true sense of style -- not the ones who wear the current trends, mind you, but the ones who create fashion -- have an innate sense of what looks great with what, and then wear them, damn what the fashion magazines might say. I feel the same way about people who decorate their homes in a truly individual manner -- I love individuals who refuse to follow the trends, but who instead know how to put together a room with a clear understanding of colour, and form and function, but without relying on "what is fashionable."  I love this. Which is why I tend to recoil from anything that is described as "mid-century modern." ...more

I admit, sometimes I feel that my home is the Cobbler's proverbial daughter. 

However, ...more

Of Bookworms and Trenchcoats

Have you ever walked down a city street late at night, alone, hearing only the click of your heels on the damp pavement, as the fog rolls in from the ocean, when all of a sudden a blogger steps out from an alley in a trenchcoat and whispers, "Psst. Hey buddy. C'mere. I wanna show you somethin."? ...more

whatever crazy way I've organized them. Yours must look like a ...more

Black Velvet Art for the Sexy Home

Ah, black velvet art. I remember when I saw my first velvet painting in real life at my dusty local Goodwill about fifteen years ago. I was enchanted. The room seemed to grow dim. A disco ball came from out of nowhere and I could hear the sound of castanets. I had to have this bullfighter with glitter accents. A disgruntled woman whose nametag reading Delores said, "Quit leaning on the jewelry counter glass, honey." But I would not be deterred! And ten dollars! What a deal! ...more

How interesting that history is.  Remember those nails on velvet pictures where you wrap ...more

Wall & Fabric Selections for all Tastes

A fond memory of my childhood is the psychedelic wallpaper that was all over my home growing up. Looks like those days are back, but much more tastefully designed this time around. Check out all of the new styles of wallpaper and fabrics to fulfill your design fantasies! Click here for today's 10linksaday: Wall & Fabric Selections for all Tastes ...more

Decorating Your First Place (Hint: IKEA)

Things started off innocently enough. The occasional trip through the store; a behomoth of a warehouse, gripping tightly to my mother's arm as she flipped oversized tags to reveal a price of $8.99 for four pillows. I don't recall the first purchases but I do recall the swedish meatballs and how after each walk through my brother and I would be rewarded with a cinnamon roll. ...more