Construction: Week 16 – To Be Giving

November is a month where we reflect on what we are thankful for and gather with the people we love, to celebrate the opportunities life has brought to us. It is a time where the seasons change and our small mountain town transitions into a skiing oasis for people across the globe. There is another event that happens every November in Park City, the community comes together for 24 hours of giving called Live PC Give PC. It's one extraordinary day to support the organizations that make Park City special....more

Construction: Week 13 – Finding Zen

When I was a young girl I remember visiting my Mom at work and on her desk she had a small Zen garden. The square foot pavilion complete with beveled edges, was filled with fine white sand. There were also a couple of stones dispersed in the sand and a small gardening rake no bigger than a chopstick to manipulate and transform the landscape. I would occasionally sit there sharing how my day was, pushing the stones and sand around subconsciously expressing my emotions....more

Construction: Week 10 – A Rockn’ Week

I am 100% biased when I say this, but Utah is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever been to and I bet you would get the same response if you asked any of it’s 4 million residence. Within a six-hour drive you can drive from top to bottom and travel through a variety of climates including vast farms and fields, towering mountains, crystal blue lakes and sandstone deserts so red it feel like you’re on Mars. Utah is also blessed with dense dark soil laced with thick clay and large lattices of stone, which I learned this weekend isn’t ideal for landscapers. ...more

Who's your handy man?

When I got my first apartment, my step-dad gave me a box of tools: Hammer, screwdrivers and wrenches. I knew how they all worked - in theory. The problem was that I had never had to use tools before....more

Tips to Building and Decorating a Wine Cellar

Building a wine cellar is a serious undertaking, but if you're serious about wine, it's worth thinking about.Wine cellars are growing in popularity. If you love wine, your wine cellar will serve you well while you're living in your home. If you decide to sell your home, you can expect a $3 return in increased property value for every dollar you invested in your wine cellar....more

How to Distinguish a New Age Kitchen

Are you indecisive as to whether you prefer a home with a sleek and clean interior design compared to stained and comforting? Depending on your geographic location, the decision may not be much of a challenge. If you are uncertain, this article will help you distinguish and decide between styles that are on opposite sides of the spectrum, and you’ll soon have your unique home!...more

I know what's in your garage

As I've previously complained, I run in the mornings. I try to stay focused on my breath and my stride and not slipping on unseen ice on the sidewalk and falling on my butt (again), but sometimes I get distracted: Mostly by people's garages....more

Smart Home Solutions For Small Spaces

If you live in a little studio apartment, a cabin, or even a one-bedroom condo, space can seem like the most precious thing in the world. What to do? The following are my top tips for products that fill needs and work well:...more

Interior Design Blog by Someone Who Isn't An Interior Designer?

Perhaps it's my age - perhaps it's the fact that I listen too much to my mom, but I'm starting to get really interested in prettifying my little room. The idea got me so worked up that I started thinking about starting a new blog about home improvement and interior design.There is, however, one major problem: I know nothing about interior design and DIY projects!I'm thinking of starting a blog that announces local garage sales, great finds with affordable prices, and discounts from different stores that people like me (non-designers) might miss. Good idea or bad idea?...more