How To: No-Sew Burlap Window Treatment

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How to Paint Your House for a Low Cost

 You want to paint your house, but the cost of paint starts to add up when combined with the amount of square footage you want to cover.  Your children are requesting special colors, but you can’t see buying two gallons of paint for the coverage.  I have a solution that I’ve used in my own home to paint my house, get the color I want, and do it at a very low cost....more

What to Put Next to the Plastic Goose

For those old-time blog followers, you may recall my post concerning the battle of the tricked-out wheelchairs. Every summer, the best engineering minds of the Chicago Fire Department are pitted against each other in a game of skill and speed. Click here for full story. ...more
 @We Band of Mothers Dang it! I'll wait until it hits the home shopping network ;)more

Top 10 Things Your House Painter Won't Tell You

1. I marked your material costs up by 25%. It's common practice for painting contractors to charge home owners retail price for materials like paint and primer. Contractors may even produce receipts - but they pay at least 25% less than the price reflected on the receipt they provide you with. Paint stores reward contractors for their frequent business by cutting painters a hefty discount and then providing marked up receipts to show home owners. Insist on purchasing the paint yourself and buy the paint as needed, so you don't pay for gallons you don't need. ...more
The title of your blog post could easily have been "10 things any bad contractor won't tell ...more

Cleaning Up!

Time to clean up!The decorations are all put away!!  I always clean before they get hauled out and then I clean when they get stored away!!...more

How to Winterize Your Home

I love the fall season - the colorful leaves, the pumpkin pies, the football games, and the perfect temperatures. What's not to love about fall? Well, I can think of one thing. With fall comes the approach of winter and the need to prepare my home for cold temperatures and snowy weather. I'm not a fan of housework, but I know if I don't get my home ready, I'll get hit with high energy bills and feel chilly drafts. However, if I winterize my home, I can avoid all this. ...more
Great tips! I suggest looking for rebates before you ...more

Shopping For A House

Saturday mornings I enjoy watching many of the Reality ‘Home shows’. I flip between HGTV and one of my favorites Sell This House. Sell This House is on A&E....more

When do we get to the funny part?

I mean there has to be one right? I have to hold onto that thought pretty tight today and just focus on the gong show funny part of this whole thing. I am sure it is just from my perspective that it is hard to see... Let me fill ya in on the happenings around the Castle for the last 24 hours or so. Yesterday when I got home in the afternoon there was a wet spot at the bottom of my stairs, Dylan was downstairs and had the door shut, so I just assumed that the dog had to pee, got ignored and peed at the door. ...more

I'm Totally Harmless. I Think.

My husband won't let me have a chainsaw, which I've always wanted, because he's afraid that I will somehow accidentally dismember myself, the kid, the cats, him, or possibly the plumbing, and with good reason. The problem is I'm a walking calamity. I have been known to regularly hurt myself with inanimate objects, even when I'm not trying....more
Ouch! It sounds like something I would do...I don't think I would ever tempt fate with a ...more