Clean Your Dryer Lint

Do you clean out your dryer on a consistent basis?  Do you just clean the lint filter and call it a day?  Well, I learned this last weekend you should have a schedule where you spend an hour cleaning it out for your families safety.  My laundry was just way behind because it would take me all day to just get one load dry and sometimes when I pushed to turn on the dryer it took a few seconds to kick on.  It would take 3-4 times turning the dryer on to get the clothes or towels and blankets completely dry.  Well, this kind of behavior could have caused a fire, thank g...more

Can energy efficiency save a marriage?

Elisa We know energy efficiency can save the world, but can it save a marriage?Leave it to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to take on that question. The agency is known for its vanguard energy research.  But  it is one thing to produce papers on topics like ‘Air Bypass in Vertical Stack Water Source Heat Pumps’ and another to delve into what a cold room can do to a new marriage....more
Amusing. Love the part where you can see his breath and he still doesn't get that she has a ...more

Reviving the Heart of the Home

The kitchen, they say, is the heart of the home. Everyone loves to hang out in their kitchen. They cook and they talk and they have huge cups of tea. It smells like walnut cookies. Everyone’s happy. It’s warm and bright....more

DIY & Editing My Poor Color Choices

In this post you will witness my neurosis with color and getting it exactly right. Although the "mistakes" are subtle, I think you will see why I freaked out and started over. During my recent stair railing makeover, I tried to step outside of my normal comfort zone and "warm up" my color scheme by bringing out the reds in my flooring. My house is an open loft style and the railing is visible from nearly every vantage point, including the kitchen, office, foyer, living room, sunroom. Each room flows right into the next. So in this case, the color had to be right. ...more
I like it! I am tempted to do that with our stairs.more

Dear Staircase, You Need a Make-Over

Back splashes and wall treatments on a budget

My husband has been moved to North Dakota (he actually lives across the state line in Montana)...with my Rhuematoid Arthritis I chose to stay in Texas. Many of you have probably heard about the housing situation there since the oil boom.  My husband and I did the math....and buying a travel trailer and renting a spot made the most since for us. ...more

The Great Bean Pod Dump of 2012

Dear Basement, I Want a Divorce