Barefoot Bandit Gets 7 Years

You may recall the story about Colton Harris Moore who as a teenager was busted for committing over 100burglaries in the Pacific Northwest. He stole cars, speedboats and airplanes and is known as the “Barefoot Burglar” because he kicked off his shoes running from the police through the woods....more

Home Invasion Was “The Ultimate House of Horrors”

In a 2007 home invasion Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, the 2 men found guilty of a home invasion in Connecticut, brutally attacked and killed a mother and her daughters. The father was left for dead in the basement. Their crime began when they saw the mother (who was eventually murdered) in a parking lot and followed her home.The home was invaded at 3am. The father was immediately beaten and tied up in the basement. He was held captive for a time but he escaped alive. The kids were tied to their beds and the mother was forced to go to the bank and withdraw money....more

Best Secret Hiding Places: Dead Space

Burglars know where you hide stuff. That key under the mat or in the flower pot or the jewelry in the dresser draw or the cash in the cookie jar. But there are better ways to do things. A heavy fire retardant safe bolted to the floor is best. And there are other options too.We have dead space all over our homes. If you are handy, this dead space can become handy....more

Home Invader/Killer Says He’s Done It Before

There’s no need to live in fear. And there is a need to take responsibility for your family’s security by investing in a home security system and take some control over your personal security.Convicted killer and home invader on death row Steven Hayes apparently wrote letters confessing to up to 17 murders of women over the course of his miserable life....more

Post-Retirement Crime Fears

This week someone broke into my home and stole my laptop. I was upstairs at the time and had stupidly left the back door open. I’ve been careless about this for many years and have been lucky. We’ve only had one robbery in the past 20 years—-someone broke into our garage and stole a power mower....more
Karen you were lucky that you locked the door when you did.  I am nearly 60 and feeling more ...more

Dumb Ankle Monitor Wearing Home Invader Busted

If you ever decide to get all hopped up on drugs and seek some extra cash to feed your fix, I’d suggest not wearing your governmental department of corrections court ordered previously installed GPS ankle-monitoring bracelet to your next home invasion.  Chances are you’ll get caught....more

Daylight Back to Back Burglaries In Same Town

Most people think that burglaries happen at night, in the dark when burglars can creep undetected. But the reality is most burglaries happen during the day when you are at work. Burglars work too, in the day, 9-5, like you. This is why a home security alarm is so important....more

Nicolas Cage’s First Hand Home Invasion Experience

Apparently Nicolas Cage at one time didn’t believe in home security systems. He recently filmed a movie called “Trespass” about thieves’ who con their way into the opulent mansion where Cage’s character lives with his unhappy wife (played by Nicole Kidman) and their daughter, Reuters reports. The tagline for the title is: “When terror is at your door, you can run, or you can fight.” I recommend running....more

Celine Dions Burglar Takes a Bath

The burglar apparently sauntered up her driveway and jiggled the door of an unlocked car in the driveway. The door was open and of course the keys were in the ignition along with the garage door opener....more

Snow Shovel Bandit Busted

I know the last four letter word you want to hear is SNOW. But everyone needs to know the Snow Shovel Bandit has been sentenced to 6 years in prison!!This guy generally broke into homes without home security alarms occupied by single women....more