Home Invasion Murder Happens Close to Home

All this scribbling I do about home security cameras and home alarm systems is actually part of a business I run so it requires me to have an administrator to perform certain duties that she’s better at than I am. Earlier this week I reached out to her via text and briefly she wasn’t responding.Then I get this text: “I’m in New Hampshire at a friend’s. My girlfriend was murdered Saturday night by her fiancés son. Then he shot himself. The kid that killed her broke into the neighbor’s house and tried to shoot him”...more

Bump Keys Are Today’s Skeleton Keys

Locking your doors is a first step to securing your home.However after conducting thousands of seminars on personal security I’m amazed at how many people do not lock their doors. That one simple act can prevent a door jiggling burglar from choosing your home. However if you do lock your doors, the quality of your locks can impact your security....more

This Doesn’t Happen In Small Towns

If you have children you know what worry is. If you have a daughter you worry times ten. I have 2 daughters and I worry times 10,000. Worrying is unproductive however, but taking action can and putting your worry to work can create positive results.In a small Massachusetts town a recently graduated and talented 18 year old woman got off work and went to the beach to meet an 18 year old man she was in some type of relationship with....more

Woman Hit With Frying Pan In Home Invasion

We’ve gone over this at least a thousand times, lock your doors at night while you sleep, lock your windows and install a home security alarm.Why? Because strange men who have murdered in the past and have been incarcerated as a teenager eventually get out of jail and then invade a person’s home at 3 am and hit the home owners daughter in the head with a cast iron pan. That’s why....more

Home Alarm System Aids Tornado Victims

The ADT Pulse alarm system I have has a “Panic” button in case we are in an emergency situation where we need help. I’ve always visualized situations such as home invasion or maybe medical or fire emergency as its intended function.Well one ADT customer Jarod Stice and his fiancé Jessica Bennett — along with their dog – were huddled under two sheets of plywood and a tarp in the basement of their new Joplin, MO home, while one of the deadliest tornados in U.S. history wreaked havoc overhead....more

Three Dead and One Shot in Home Invasion

Not all home invaders invade to steal. Some are simply mentally ill and violent and seek a victim or in this case, victims. Here is an unfortunate example of why you should have a home alarm system and security cameras....more

Securing a Home with Automation

You know how much you love to and rely on controlling your TV from your couch? I’m a little dumfounded when I can’t find the remote. And by the time I do, I could have easily changed the channel and found what I was looking for, but the process just isn’t the same without the remote control. The operative word in “remote control” is “control”.  While remote certainly is the benefit, it is control that adds to the experience....more

Burglars Pose As Doctors, Victims Take Pills

There is unfortunately no limit to how naïve (and stupid) and vulnerable the public is to the evil (and creative) criminal mind when it comes to home security and burglary....more

13 Year Old Busted In Home Invasion

In California gang members are recruited in their tweens. Kids as young as 12 and 13 are on the streets and engaged in theft and violence like never before. Other big cities aren’t much different. In Boston, where I live, a few kids had passed through my yard and I informed them of what they were doing and my dog started barking. Immediately one pulled a knife out and started yelling profanities and threatened me and the dog!...more

Don’t Forget About Garage Security

When you think about home security you may not think about garage security because you don’t actually live it in. But a garage is often one of the best ways for the bad guy to break into your home, especially if it’s an attached garage. Criminals scope out the exterior and seek the path of least resistance. If the garage has an entrance door and a garage door they will determine which is easiest to compromise....more