Long time, no write

Time is not my friend. I thought we could work together, but we may have to break up. I never have enough time. I get up early. I work my hind parts off all day and still feel like nothing gets accomplished. I know most of the work I do during the day is not on my to do list. ...more

10 Reasons Mommy Bloggers Rock!

Paying homage to all the moms who blog and share their amazing tips with the rest of us!(I'll do one for daddy blogs, too, soon....more

What's your family look like?

I love my son's drawings. He creates rocket ships with lots of windows so the astronauts can see into space, city buses that also act as street sweepers, and recently, he started drawing castles. ...more

Nov 14 - Today Was A Good Day

Hi! How was your day?Between our careers, our family members, children, friends and those random strangers that can pop up and turn our every days into chaos, how many nights do you go to bed and think, "By George, today was a good day!" ?...more

Recovery Room No More

It is amazing how a room in your house can take up a life of its own.   During the past few years one of our spare bedrooms did just that.  It became the “recovery room.” ...more
@HomeRearedChef Thanks... I have a feeling when Sat comes we will be fine...more

Downsizing - Our First Efforts (In a Really Long Time)

I came across the Rowdy Kittens blog a few weeks ago, and my desire for a more simple life was hugely rekindled (thank you, Tammy!). I spent the weekend before last going though our home library with the goal of getting rid of enough books to remove a 6' bookshelf from our house.  Success!...more

Wait...There's A Boy In My Bathroom

http://jacquelineparis.wordpress.com/The first month and a bit of blissfully married life has flown by! ...more

The family that jacks up each others hair: ....uh, still loves each other?

It was R2′s turn to experience the haircut from Daddy in which he took far too long, ended in tears and left Mama begging for Daddy to “please just stop” because what 15 month old needs a perfect haircut?...more

Don’t let Snarks run your Life

Commercials, print ads, billboards, radio promos and more. In our daily lives, we are bombarded with images and advice from celebrities, business experts, financial analysts, co-workers, family members and more telling us what to do and how to improve our lives. And while this information is enjoyable and sometimes helpful, it can frequently overwhelm and place unnecessary pressures on us. These images often lead us to focus only on trying to impress and make others happy. And you often forget what makes you happy. ...more

An Open Letter to My Neighbor

Since we moved into our home last December, the neighboring home has been mostly empty. Mostly because there was one creepy guy--and sometimes a woman and child--living there for about three months last winter. Our suspicions that the home was a foreclosure were confirmed in June when it hit the market at about $60,000 less than it is likely worth. But, still it sat. I guess banks don't put much effort into marketing and selling their homes. ...more

When we moved in to our house in July, we quickly learned to hate the neighbors. The other side ...more