Setting up a Home Office for a Work at Home Mom

So, you have your work in one hand and a 2yr old in the other, and you have decided to start an at-home business.Among the fifty things you need to get sorted are how you are going to run this thing without busting an artery or breaking the bank.Here are some tips from work-at-home moms to help you balance both your time and your space....more

No Need to be Embarrassed to Work From Home

During a recent flight I was more outgoing than usual and spoke to the woman sitting next to me and not only because she was holding a large bag of chocolate covered almonds. We asked each other the typical “What do you do?” questions and I told her that I help business owners who work from home (instead of my typical people-repellant answer: "I sell insurance.")...more
Totally agree with you. Even I have few friends who are doing very well but still, they are ...more

The Pros and Cons of The 21st Century Home Office

By Janette Speyer – In today’s virtual world working at home has become the new normal and there is no stigma attached. More and more companies are having flexible hours and flexible employees. Corporations have found that employees can be even more productive and certainly happier working at least part time from home....more

On being in Working Mother Magazine...the thrill, the guilt and the office decor.

I have posted on our social media pages {Facebook | Instagram} about something kind of exciting that happened to me this year....more

20 Things I Love About Working from Home

Almost three years ago now (I truly can't believe it's been so long!), Peter and I moved to Windsor, Ontario, and I started working from home (part-time) for my employer in Victoria, BC. Though I'd never really seen myself as the work-from-home-type prior to giving it a try, I quickly discovered that it actually fits me well—and that furthermore, I absolutely love it. ...more
Velvet S. All the best - I hope something happens for you soon!more

APARTMENT OASIS | Creating the Perfect Office Space

Living in any big city, it can be hard to find a large amount of living space to work with, especially if you are living downtown, like us. As Torontonians, we are used to making each square foot of space as efficient and functional as possible....more

How I Balance Working From Home With 3 Kids...

here's a day in the life {working from home}...more
Great post Krystina! I'm working from home as well and have not found that good balance yet. ...more

Checking emails on the toilet: we all do it!

I get asked this a lot. Bottom line (no pun intended) you can't be sitting in your office and on the toilet at the same time. Calculate the size of your office VS the size of your home, and that' the percentage of all household expenses that is allowable for business! Get more info at :) ...more

Where I like to write

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Friday, January 21, 2014: Show Me Fridays: upload an image to your blog (with or without words) of where you like to write. ...more