3 Tips to (Almost Effortlessly!) Keep Your Home Organized

It happens in a flash—you start with a fairly organized system, but a few days later, laundry has piled up on the bedroom floor, and the week’s mail is still sitting on the kitchen counter. Odds and ends have seeped out of the places where they should be to spots around the house where they were used and left behind. ...more
I love the tip about doing it now if it only takes a few minutes.  I've started implementing ...more

5 Tips To A Cleaner Closet

It's a new year and the perfect time to organize your closet!I know it doesn't sound like a lot of fun but I have five tips that will make it seem painless, and, I promise, you'll have less trouble getting dressed in the morning. And I'm not recommending one of those thousand dollar closet systems either! 1. Bite the bullet, throw out the plastic and wire hangers and get some of those flocked ones like these from Bed Bath and Beyond...more
Nice tips :)   One thing I always do when cleaning out my cloths cupboard is hang a small bag ...more