15 Tips for the Perfect Dinner Party

Want to have the girls over for dinner and some wine? Need to gather everyone before a big event? Hosting a great dinner party is key to creating long-lasting memories, and it gives an undeniable feeling of sophistication to any gathering.These 15 tips will help make sure your dinner party is a huge hit with your guests:...more

On The Run In Toga's : The Vagina Winologues Go Greek!

If you've been a regular reader here at Weekends With Winter than you may know that I am apart of a wine club -"The Vagina Winologues". We are 13 women who love wine and meet monthly to discuss, taste and indulge in wines around the world....more

Why I'm So "Over" Hosting Big Birthday Parties

My kids have had their last big birthday party: at home, at a park, at a party place....more

Who Needs Strippers?? 3 Great Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

A Bachelorette Party is a fun and fabulous way to celebrate a bride's last days as a 'single' gal. Contrary to popular belief, a Bachelorette Party doesn't have to be a wild night that is mostly filled with excessive alcohol consumption and total debauchery. A Bachelorette Party can be a classy and tasteful event (making it ideal for snapping lots of photos), while still being an event at which party guests can have fun and celebrate the bride's upcoming special day....more
My last bachelorette party a group of ladies went and camped on Carpinteria State Beach. ...more

Need for Tweed

 On Friday night, we will be attending a dinner party to honor the late Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Here is part of the witty invitation that was sent out by my sassy lassie friend: ...more

Kids Party Inspiration-Snowman Theme

Time for part 2 of my Winter-themed party ideas. I'm dedicating the month of January to sharing some of my favorite cold weather party inspirations. This feature is all about Snowmen. Check out all of the cool Snowman-themed Party I've scoured the web to find: DECOR...more

How to Host A Terrible Party

Last weekend, my sister threw a small Christmas party. Yes, a Christmas party. In the middle of August. It was SO fabulous! She put up her tree, put on some Josh Groban and Celine Dion Christmas songs and we all gathered, ate and drank under her shining TWO Christmas trees. There was food, drinks and a white elephant gift exchange....more

House Parties


Pimiento Cheese Pinwheels

Savory pinwheels were (and still are) an entertaining staple in my house growing up, and now I know why.  These pinwheels are a cocktail party dream.  You can make them ahead of time, they bake straight from the freezer and are easily adaptable to different tastes.  I always loved eating the ones my mom would make, and I know these will be in my entertaining repetoire for years! This is more a method than a r...more

A new trend - The Ugly Sweater Party

Here's a new holiday trend I heard about several years ago that is gaining popularity around the country. The ugly sweater party. Invitations are sent and you are to wear the ugliest sweater, Christmas sweater or sweatshirt you can find.  I  found one website devoted entirely to one party held in 2008. And continuing on your web search you can find how to throw a ugly sweater party, how to buy ugly sweaters online, and tips on where to find ugly sweaters. You can orchestrate your party any way you want like awarding prizes to different categories of gawdy....more