Covering walls with pallet wood: The basement bathroom renovation

Hey guys! I’m so excited to show you the finished walls of my basement bathroom today! I covered them entirely with pallet wood and barn wood from our barn. As many of you know I have been working down in my basement to get it finished as a wood workshop for me and my number one goal was to spend the least amount of money possible. In an exchange we were given a pile of old pallet wood that my husband and I hauled down to the basement for me to start work with....more

How to build easy barn wood book shelves!

I have not professed my struggle about my office to you guys out here on the blog yet. Well, its been a doozy! First, I had it all done, complete, looking good and I hated it. When Joe and I moved in here last August my mom sent one of her big book cases along with me which I managed to somehow fit every last book I had in it but NO room for more and that just wasn’t going to work! And that poor book case was so jammed packed that it just looked awful....more

We finally got our hanging barn door up!

We’ve had our hanging barn door hardware for nearly a year now (I’m ashamed to say) so this project has been on our “to do” list for WAY too long! Being as this is an old farm we have the perk of having several old barn doors that I stashed in a safe place and have been drooling over for months. This one was my grandparents’ old wood shed door. We were slow to get this project done because Joe and I have never had a problem living without a door on our bathroom as our master suite is on its own floor – only the dog is allowed up here besides us....more


  This year my goal is to tackle at least one concept or “pin” each month, centered around one room. Every month will be a different room or space. This is the Pinterest Room Challenge.  The "Room of the Month" for January is the Bedroom. So when a friend of mine approached me about helping her find an affordable headboard, I decided to take on the challenge of creating a headboard inspired by a "pin" found within the ToolBox Divas Bedroom Inspiration Board.  ...more

Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard for Under $10

Easy DIY Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard for Under $10+FREE Plans!Shared on the blog! SUPER easy, and beautiful beginner build that ANYONE can do! Click Here to get you FREE plans!...more

Reclaiming the Dining Room: Part 2

I am relieved to announce that the wood is up and that I do not want to take it down.  ...more