My mother was right, of course...

This morning, my 17-year-old son was up before 7, despite having filmed the varsity football semi final and arriving home late the night before. (Woohoo! The Cougars are heading for the state final next week!) Before I saw him, however, I saw the empty packets of Emergen-C and the kitchen shears strewn on the kitchen counter and knew something was up. Sure enough, this boy is sick.Headache, fever, and "the worst sore throat ever" are plaguing him. (This from a boy who had his tonsils removed at age 5. It must be bad.)...more

Outsourcing the Flu

For the last 4-5 days I've been down with flu/respiratory crud, and along with that I've had the attendant exhaustion, achiness, weakness, congestion, and overall blahness that comes from being sick. We all know that this has been a tough flu season, and though it seems to be on the downswing, it's still pretty bad out there, no matter where you live....more

Home Remedies for Fido, Fluffy, and Mr. Ed

Alright, we've all been there. Having to take your animals to the veterinarian is never any fun. Especially when you have more then one pet, more then one species, and pets that... lets just just say only you could love with their "sparkling" personality. Well, here are some at home remedies for the horse, your dog, and yes, even your cat. Here at Working Hearts Ranch we have it all. And when you get rescues in like we do, this has saved us tons of money. ...more

Ever Burn Your Tongue?

Ouch holy cow ouch.  I burnt my tongue the other day on coffee (what else?) and I'm just not liking the healing process.  If I eat it hurts.  This could be good for weight loss.  Ha.  No thanks.  ...more
 @elaineR.N. it's better today.  thank goodness!more

Spring is in the Air and So is the Pollen

  Photographer: dan,  Spring is in the air--wait, was that just snow I saw coming from the sky? No I see blooms starting on the tree outside, it must be spring time. Although I did see on that there is snow in the forecast for the weekend so it must still be winter. Didn't Punxsutawney Phil report that spring was on its way?...more

I had a friend of mine confirm that the local honey trick works. Just don't mix it into hot tea. ...more

Calling Dr. Jameson

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, and the fact my girlfriend and her husband are coming for the holiday weekend, I raise my glass wishing all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. And by the way, I have an extra large bottle of Jameson to share with my girlfriend for whatever ails us....more

Isopropyl Alcohol Clears Up Your Cleavage (Yes, Really!)

I have acne prone skin; with the help of a great dermatologist, I cleared up my face, but my chest was another story. No matter what I tried, my chest just kept breaking out, which was a bummer because my face was looking great. And then I read a column in Lucky Magazine by beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June that changed my world. Godfrey-June recommended treating acne-prone cleavage with isopropyl alcohol -- you know, that stuff you keep in the bathroom to sterilize the needle when you have to dig out a splinter. Treat chest breakouts easily and cheaply: Just swab the affected area twice a day with a cotton ball soaked in the alcohol. I'd tried everything else, so why not try this? You know, in the interest of science. And beauty. And cleaning up my own cleavage. ...more

Hi Susan,

You are correct that isopropyl alcohol should not be used on the face ...more

Heated up about cold medicines

I'm a very frustrated mom. Cold and flu season is upon us, so it goes without saying that my kids are bound to get sick. Even if they don't get the flu, my boys -- for at least a few weeks every fall -- get the sniffles and a nasty little cough. ...more

Origins Clear Improvement, Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque, and plain ol' aspirin: the face mask throwdown

A few months ago, I gave birth to my second child, a daughter. Although she is adorable (objectively speaking, of course), my pregnancy resulted in one minor -albeit annoying- side effect: CRAZY HORMONAL, BREAKOUT-PRONE SKIN, such that I bear more than an passing resemblance to the pimple-faced teen on The Simpsons. It's bad, people, especially considering that my biggest skin problem had previously been limited to my (big) pores, and the occasional pimple. ...more

I actually almost called you while in CVS the other day and trying to figure out the name of ...more

Top Teething Solutions by Natural Moms

Moms interested in natural remedies and avoiding over-the-counter solutions for teething babies have discovered a wealth of safe options. But if you're a new mom entering teething for the first time, or a mom of a particularly challenging teether, where can you turn to find this information? ...more