The husbands life in an antique farmhouse This is a secr...more

Home Renovation Is Like Child Birth: You Forget How Painful It Was

With a bow to Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, who devised the "Five Stages of Grief" to describe the journey of people coping with terminal illness, I’ve created an alternative 5 1/2 Stages — this, admittedly, for an affliction not nearly as dire as a terminal disease. Still, it’s a condition that threatens your psychological, physical and financial well-being, no matter how prepared and savvy you think you are: renovation....more
so is movingmore

Day Dreamin

I could peruse the internets all day for items to decorate our home.  Problem is.. we only have a 1200 square foot home.  This is where I can dream.  Above are a few of my favorite finds this week....more

How Would You Spend Your Last Minutes?

My husband Rob reminded me during dinner that this was the night that asteroid YU55 was set to pass within 300,000 kilometers of Earth, which is somewhere between us and the moon. In human comprehension terms, this isn't all that close, but when you remember that astronomers are mostly just estimating an asteroid's trajectory, it's a bit concerning."So if it hits us," I asked him, "would that just suck for whoever happened to be at ground zero, or would it be end of the world as we know it stuff?"...more

Love is Cleaning Your Wife's Bloody Foot in the Sink

You know a man loves you when at the first squawking of painful injury, he streaks out of the bathroom in just his towel with a look of panicked concern and doesn't follow it up with "Why were you walking around on half-finished tile without your slippers on?" when he sees you hopping about with one bloody foot dangling.This is love.But no more so than when he carries you into the bathroom, sets you on the toilet (after closing the lid) and sticks your foot in the sink. And that's how my morning began, how was yours?...more
So true! It's the things I used to find unromantic, like taking out the trash or putting eye ...more

How I Decided to Start Blogging

My husband really wants me to do a Mom-Blog. Perhaps he is worried that otherwise I will fade into oblivion. Not that I was whatever the opposite of oblivion is – terribly relevant?...more

Dealing with Stress. The Quiet Time between 2 Breaths.

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”  ~Etty Hillesum ...more


We have two openings here, one for a door and one for a huge glass block window (actually three but it is not in view). ...more

Collateral Damage

As I was getting ready for the day to the usual tune of hammers and saws yesterday I noticed sounds a bit louder and the house shaking more.  They are in the process now of doing the demo on the old bathroom and this is the resulting collateral damage to my guest room wall.  The pictures had to immediately removed and the paint chips off the bed and some of my clothes as my "closet" has moved in there.  ...more

Renegades of Home Renovation: You Put Up a WHAT While I Was Working?

Living through home renovations is like living through lice: If you've never had to endure it, you really don't know what the rest of us are talking about.  You won't heed warnings, you won't take precautions, you will think, "It really couldn't be that bad -- you're just being dramatic." ...more

We're embarking on a home project, and I am not looking forward to the stress! ...more