Effective Teaching Tips for Moms and Teachers

“What makes a great teacher” – this is one question that has been in existence for a long time in the education industry. The question, the argument, the debate or whatever you like to call it, will continue forever, simply because there is no set recipe for successful teaching. Different methods and approaches work well for different students and professionals....more

A Teachable Moment

The other day I had the cutest idea for an activity to enjoy with my son. We went to Michael's early in the morning to purchase all of our supplies for the activity. After he ate dinner I speedily cleared the table to prepare all those items for use. He's been talking about shapes for about a month now, and I figured it was the perfect time to introduce something new that would help him learn more about shapes. I had it all planned out....more

7 Things Every Parent Needs to Teach Kids about Online Scams

The internet is an ever-present, real-time bulletin board for businesses around the world. You just can’t visit any page without someone trying to sell you something even if you are searching for simple queries like how to apply or register for new voter id card online . The only deal with this situation is that some ads may be placed by legitimate companies—but a lot of them are scams....more

Can We Really Talk About Homeschooling?

In January, I decided to homeschool my kids.Why are you laughing? Kinda trying to be serious over here. I really did. No, seriously.No, I didn’t bump my head. No, I’m not on drugs. And no, I don’t have a degree in education....more

7 Steps to a Home School Environment

The new school year is about to start and mums (and some dads I am sure!) are running around getting those last things sorted out: backpacks, stationary, lunch boxes and juice bottles. Clothes have to be marked, timetables readied and lift-clubs sorted....more

My Sister May Not Be Teaching Much Longer

I have a lot of respect for the teaching profession and for good teachers. I also know that a teacher is more a slave to bureaucracies and state and federal teaching standards than they have ever been in the past. My sister who has been a teacher for almost 30 years is thinking of retiring sooner than she had planned simply because she doesn't feel like she can do any real good any longer. She has, and I quote from a recent letter from her, ...more

Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling – The Raging Arguments

I always wanted to get my son educated at home. It was a great way to save money. But I was told ...more

Menopause Home Schooling Mommy

Well, that's me!  Three words that can describe me perfectly I'm beginning the dreadful menopause (some say I'm to young 47), but such is life; and a mommy at 47 and home schooling again!  What can I say?  Once in a while God blesses us with his marvelous grace and allows us to have these little gifts that really don't have explanations....more

Type A

I’ve always considered myself to be a “Type A” personality with my 30 page checklists and unrealistic goals, but I’ve never been 100% certain.  After all, it is just a personality "theory".  Well, after reading the wikipedia definition about Type A and Type B personality theories, I am ABSOLUTELY certain that I am a Type A (and I no longer believe it’s a theory;)!!! ...more

Teaching Tuesday

Unit Studies are becoming increasingly popular in the homeschooling community.The ability to choose a particular topic or subject to study and having many (if not all) subjects covered within the unit, make it a very nice option!We will be using many unit studies this upcoming school year. I have created some of my own, and have purchased some as well....more