My Sister May Not Be Teaching Much Longer

I have a lot of respect for the teaching profession and for good teachers. I also know that a teacher is more a slave to bureaucracies and state and federal teaching standards than they have ever been in the past. My sister who has been a teacher for almost 30 years is thinking of retiring sooner than she had planned simply because she doesn't feel like she can do any real good any longer. She has, and I quote from a recent letter from her, ...more

Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling – The Raging Arguments

I always wanted to get my son educated at home. It was a great way to save money. But I was told ...more

Menopause Home Schooling Mommy

Well, that's me!  Three words that can describe me perfectly I'm beginning the dreadful menopause (some say I'm to young 47), but such is life; and a mommy at 47 and home schooling again!  What can I say?  Once in a while God blesses us with his marvelous grace and allows us to have these little gifts that really don't have explanations....more

Type A

I’ve always considered myself to be a “Type A” personality with my 30 page checklists and unrealistic goals, but I’ve never been 100% certain.  After all, it is just a personality "theory".  Well, after reading the wikipedia definition about Type A and Type B personality theories, I am ABSOLUTELY certain that I am a Type A (and I no longer believe it’s a theory;)!!! ...more

Teaching Tuesday

Unit Studies are becoming increasingly popular in the homeschooling community.The ability to choose a particular topic or subject to study and having many (if not all) subjects covered within the unit, make it a very nice option!We will be using many unit studies this upcoming school year. I have created some of my own, and have purchased some as well....more

Books About Education

I thought I'd try to remember what books I've read that have had an impact on how I parent and how I educate my kids.  This will be from Memory so I'll probably mess up some names, won't even try for authors, and am surely going to forget some....more
How to Talk so Children Will Lesson -- yep! I remember when my mom sent that to me and I kind of ...more

Books About Education

I have read  a number of books about education in the last few years. I think as long as I'm starting a blog, I'll make a quick inventory.K12So Much Reform, So Little Progress by Charles PayneThe Bee Eater by Richard WhitmoreDisrupting Class by Clay ChristensenTaking Science to School by Richard DuschlHow tom Homeschool by Rebecca Stroleonger.How Children Learn - HoltColoring Outside the Lines - Roger Schank...more
Sandra, This a great list of books mostly about the educational policy and infrastructure of the ...more

Education for my kids

I've heard so much about Blogher and I'm excited to finally set up an account and see what it's about.  After having been through Yahoo Groups, BBSs, and MySpace, and now being on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogspot, and Wordpress (and others), I'm not sure that a new social media is really what I need's raining outside and I thought I'd try it.First reaction, my main interest is a little hard to find. I'm mostly interested in getting input on educating my kids and digital media for education. I found three tags in different places that apply:...more
LOVE that term, "afterschooler". We did some of the same things that you are doing with your ...more

Why "Required Reading" Needs to be Removed From Our Vocabulary

Forcing children to read before they are ready is guaranteed to remove any joy they might have found had they been allowed to read on their own schedule. 42% of high school and college grads never read another book again once they graduate. That is a tragically high number, and we only have ourselves and our insistence on reading young to blame. ...more
Wow!  Great post!  It caught my attention for two reasons, and I hope these don't sound selfish. ...more

In which my eight year old splits an atom

As we head into our second semester of homeschooling, I thought it might be fun to give a little update on how things are going so far. Fun for me, anyway. This has the potential to be wildly boring for you.I'm kidding!Please keep reading...So after four months of homeschooling, we've got a few things solidly under our belts. Those things are, in no particular order:- The kids can all read Latin fluently.- I churn butter every night before bed.- Tia knits daily. Yesterday she made me a sweater.- Landon is reading Socrates....more