25 Home Security Tips

Yes, 25 tips, because that’s how we roll. No home security tip is too trite. They are all important, especially when used all at once, all the time....more

11 of the Biggest Home Security Mistakes

One type of mistake that you should never have to learn from involves home security. Don’t wait till something bad happens to you to learn a lesson. Here are the top mistakes that people make; learn about them here rather than from personal experience:...more

Use Door Reinforcement to beef up your Home Security

Though there’s no such thing as a 100 percent burglar-proof home, there’s also no such thing as a burglar who has the skills of Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt, Spiderman or the Hulk, either. With enough security measures, you can almost make your home burglar-proof....more

Smart Home Security Tips

It’s well-worth your time and money to make a burglar’s job very difficult. Employ the following home security tips:Lock up! How many times have you read about a home intruder who “entered through an unlocked window”? Keep your windows and doors locked as much as possible....more

Burglars using Video to stake out Homes

Yes, burglars do use video surveillance to case homes.Sometimes burglars aren’t not so dumb, like the ones who use video to case homes.A video camera the size of a matchstick has been discovered in the yards of several homes in North Texas’s upscale Dalworthington Gardens, where there have been break-ins....more

Prowler Alert issued

Two men, impersonating San Jose police officers, waltzed through the unlocked door of a woman’s home and told her they were there to check on her welfare. This happened in the early evening, and the men were described as being Hispanic and 5-7 and 155 pounds. They presented the woman with identification but she smelled a fish....more

Defensive Shrubs prick Intruders

Ever consider using plants to deter an intruder? No, not smashing a cactus into his face, (but that’s an option) but growing thorn-bearing tress, shrubs and vines outside your house. The reasons these plants have thorns is to protect them from predators. They can protect you from predators as well....more