Home Security App/Camera witnesses two Burglars

Danny Wheeler was alerted by his smartphone that had a home security app and a do it yourself camera/home security system that his home was being robbed. He was at work and could do nothing but send the real time video to New York City police, reports a story on abcnews.go.com. The burglars got away, however, by the time the place was swarming with police....more

Hidden Covert Cameras found in Woman’s Home

Nicole Muscara’s alarm clock acquired an alarming feature: a hidden camera placed by a stalker. She discovered something odd when she one day set the alarm; it wasn’t her clock.Stories like this are happening more commonly. Recently a Kansas City, Missouri woman discovered 11 hidden cameras in her apartment—placed there by her landlord....more

Friday's Mommy Mix

Friday, February 15th--Friday"s Mommy Mix includes info on the following topics: why focusing on the positive in relationships helps, why you might want to think twice before buying an internet-based home security camera system, how to make a quick and healthy dinner tonight, and why an indoor garden can improve your health. For details on these topics, go to my blog post today at http://www.MomathonBlog.com. ...more