Construction Zone

My choice to share yesterday's Urban Serenity post was rather timely, I must say. I got up this morning and started the process of getting ready for the day and, right in the middle of brushing my teeth, watched with dismay as the water slowed to a trickle and then finally stopped altogether, leaving me standing at the sink with a foamy mouthful of toothpaste. ...more
Denise They're scheduled to work until the end of July! Hopefully soon they'll move on to ...more

Live ! the Home

then, Once i grew up finally! i got to make my Own Home. i'm here Now, i've been living here At home in the Bright Light Big City for a few Years. i do love my Kitchen! my Home is such a Beautiful Home. it is Important to me, that my Man feels at Home at the Home, now. he is Not married, the Little Man, i did not make an Honest Man of him, Now. my Home is Pretty Much my Own Room in a 3-Storey House that has a Kitchen and BathRoom, front Porch, Backyard and front Lawn. We lost the Living Room Over the Years through the past Houses to this House....more

My Lawn is Dead and My Car is Dented. Home Sweet Home.

When I fell out of the minivan into my backyard last night, my heart broke just a little bit. I am an apathetic gardener at best, but I have been filling in the gaps in my aggressively suburban backyard over the last two years and have developed an affection for my plants, for my kidney shaped patch of lawn, for the birds that also make my yard home. My beloved patch of grass is brittle and crunchy, my strawberries dead. The leaves on the hollyhocks are yellow, the dahlias dropping their petals way too soon. Ouch. ...more

Even though it's a mess and I can't get it together to clean it up, post-BlogHer. Crazy since it ...more