Should You Let Your Kids Watch Your Next Birth?

I got into hot topic conversation on Facebook this week. It started as me truthfully answering a friend's curiosity question. And while I would usually leave it at that, or offer clarity/details if necessary, I got sucked in to the conversation because it was something I am so passionate about. My friend is expecting her third child and planning her third homebirth. She wrote: "When I tell people I might have my kids at my homebirth, they react one of three ways: 1) whatever. 2) it's too traumatic and scary. 3) it's too distracting for mom. 4) it's inappropriate. Just curious, what do you think?" What do I think? ...more
CaroleMcKee I completely disagree that birth is an adult thing, it is a life event just as death ...more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 25: Human Rights in Birth (Pennsylvania)

I am going to get political today....more

Why I Had a Home Birth, and Why I Won't Again

"My husband was holding my hands and trying to calm me down, rubbing my hair, as I started pushing....more

A Baby on Board: When and How to Share with Siblings

A lot of parents wonder when the best time to share a pregnancy with their young children is.  For me, it’s always been right away.  There are a few main reasons people use when they say it’s better to wait but I personally believe the concerns people have are actually reasons to share sooner.  Here are my thoughts on it:...more

My Messy, Beautiful Homebirth

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I welcomed my sweet little man into our world.  Almost one year since my homebirth dream became a reality.  Almost one year since I undertook one of the messiest experiences of my entire life which is one of the most beautiful memories in my entire life....more
Beautiful. Congratulations!more

Midwife or OB? Homebirth, Hospital, or Birth Center? Factors to Consider

Midwife or OB? Homebirth or Birth Center? For mom's seeking a natural, intervention free childbirth these choices can be daunting and the considerations that go into the decision making process vary widely based on location and individual circumstances, but they often boil down to a few general categories: Safety and comfort; Cost; and Availability and Logistics....more

Homebirth should be a Choice, not a Controversy

A recent study published by the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) has shown that for planned homebirth there is no increase in negative outcomes versus hospital birth but there is a substantial decrease in interventions and c-sections.  I was very excited to see that there was finally a well done study showing the safety of homebirth and was hopeful it would finally help put the controversy over homebirth to rest.  Unfortunately, a few days later a second study came out by ...more

Sunday in the Oven: Perfect Spinach Pie

I tried to follow the link to spinach pie recipe but it wouldn't work. Could you email me the ...more

The Home Birth Cesarean of Canon Patrick


Update: The Case of Indiana Midwife Ireena Keesler--and Why She Won't Be Practicing

In the past few months, two certified professional midwives have been arrested in Indiana for attending homebirths. As I wrote on BlogHer last week, Ireena Keeslar, 49, a diabetic mother of five, is one. Now this dedicated, experienced midwife who mostly works with low-income Amish women has said she will no longer practice. ...more
What was the outcome of this case?  My midwife here in SC that lived in Indiana 2 years ago has ...more