I’m not one of those foodies who spends hours in front of The Food Network. My only bond with cooking shows was during my nannying stint in Paris, when I watched to learn more French and inspire my menus. The tv personalities solidified my understanding of the words butter, cream, more butter and more cream....more

Evoking home

  I'm probably nuts, but I'm gonna give it another shot.  I either attempted or completed the National Blog Posting Month challenge the past two years, and I have the itch to try it again.   Never mind that I've already spent approximately 50 hours staring at a computer screen this week.  Never mind that my mind is numb after production day is done at the paper on Tuesdays. One of the daily prompts said to post a picture that evokes home for you....more

Food For Thought: Forks Over Knives, The Movie

We don’t mean to be stepping on our soapbox every time we praise the merits of eating healthy (Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution...more

Asheville's HomeGrown Shares Their Recipes!

Every restaurant has a particular feel, usually a preconceived ambiance. The owner wants to impress upon you…hip, funky, or HIGH-CLASS, casual....more