Oh! Tomatos How I Love Thee!!!!!

It's summer and our garden is in full bloom!!!  My husband has a green thumb and has managed to grow the most amazing Jersey tomatos that we have had in years.  I have so many that I will give them away to friends and family and still have plenty to make some homemade pasta sauce (or gravy, whichever you prefer) for the winter.  That recipe will follow shortly.   I just needed to share a picture of our beautiful tomatos.  These tomatos didn't come so easily we had to fight off Groundhogs and Squirrels to grow them.  The fight was worth it and we still have...more

Bits, Pieces & Produce

A heat and humidity has settled on Kansas that is so oppressive it feels like a sauna.  The only escape is the air conditioned house, but I worry about the outside animals.  We keep a lot of fresh water around....more

Urban fruit gleaning - harvesting homegrown produce for free

I've always been a fan of free stuff, especially when that "stuff" equals healthy food for my family. Although we aren't struggling to put food on the table, I can still appreciate using food that would otherwise go to waste. It wasn't until recently that I learned there is a phrase for collecting and using other people's fruits and vegetables - it's called urban fruit (or vegetable) gleaning. ...more

This is a little off topic but similar. There is a group called Hillside Produce Cooperative. ...more