Swimsuit Season: Lose the Pounds in your Home Gym

Many know the saying "Everything is bigger in Texas".  I do find that saying funny, since I am from Texas, but there is some truth to it.  When we Texans do something, we do it 120%.  And our large, high-end homes often have every amenity and start of the art technology.  One amenity that some of these mansions have is a home gym.  Of course we know that there are homes all over the United States that have home gyms....more

Operation Shut it Down...

So, as many of you know from reading my bazillions of blogs earlier about how I'm burnt out, I have been trying to decommit from a lot of different things so that I can slow down. The task has been hard but I think I am finally getting caught up on some much needed rest. It came at a good time because I've got so much going on in November, I don't need to be over committed....more

How I Set Up a Home Gym

So after years of petty, bitter complaints about our local gym (The temperature! The squeaky equipment! The "having to share!") we finally decided to create a more functional exercise space in our basement. We already had a super-cheap but quite serviceable treadmill (thank you, Sears warehouse) as well as some dumbbells and other odds and ends. The problem? We figured a workout space that didn't evoke suicidal thoughts might be nice. ...more

but mostly I'm jealous of the pull-up!
Congrats on that. I am in awe. I think my upper body has ...more