Armed and Dangerous - Social Security Gears UP

Color me confused. Ever since the President signed an executive order back in March which allows the Federal Government to seize and use private property in peacetime, I’ve been a little antsy. ...more

U.S. Customs To Recognize Same-Sex Families At Borders

Breaking News: With very little heads-up, there has been a change in policy regarding the processing of same-sex families through United States customs, though I could find no official press release anywhere. Image: CBP Photography via Flickr ...more
Well, Hello!!   No, actually, this it a great step. This brings same-sex marriage more in the ...more

On Mom-Blogging, Homeland Security and The Unbearable Lightness Of Explaining The Internet

 When I was stopped the other week by US Customs officials for "giving suspicious answers" to their standard questions, I remain calm and composed and – although it took some effort – well in control of my temper. It was only when they ushered into me into the offices of Homeland Security and demanded that I explain more clearly what exactly I meant by "mom-blogger" that I started to cry. I mean, haven’t I asked myself that very question eleventeen thousand times? And not come up with any coherent answer? Oh, God, I thought. They are going to arrest me and send me to Guantanamo. ...more

Good for you for blogging about it here. I'd also encourage you to write a letter to whoever is ...more

Dear TSA: Please Don't Take Our Underwear

So I imagine I'm not alone in worrying about the recent airline terrorist exploding underpants bomb attempt and subsequent discussions about tighter TSA restrictions for arline cabin activity. Buzz has included possible rule changes limiting bathroom or out-of-seat breaks at the end of flights and fewer allowed carry-ons and electronics.If you really want to see violence, take away all of the laptops and iPods that we use to cope with the cattle call of airplane travel. It could get ugly, fast....more

I recall the reports stating that full body scanners, not strip searches, being the main mode ...more


No, I don't think I'm hard of hearing. But a lot of what I'm hearing is hard to believe. Hence I've been saying, "What????" far too often. The housing, insurance and banking industries need bailing out because they were forced to grant loans to people who didn't qualify for expensive homes. WHAT? If anybody was forced it was greed that forced them to do what common sense had to be telling them was a stupid thing to do. ...more

RNC police action against protesters looks to be a LOT different from that at DNC.

Federal agents of all sorts are helping local cops in St. Paul Minneapolis raid homes, kitchens and convergence centers. Okay, there are anarchists in the twin city areas. Whoop de doo. There are anarchists everywhere. Mainstream folks don't realize it as no national media covers it at all, but at times over the last few years I've had opportunity to interact with ...more

Democracy is eroding and the violence that most people incorrectly think of when they hear ...more

Photography - Still A Security Threat?

Since Bruce Schneier published his June 5 Guardian essay asking the question, "Are photographers really a threat?", this weary topic is being revisited. Amidst the paranoia-fest that has moved in since 9/11, taking a photograph has become suspect activity. Many shutterbugs I know have been questioned and harassed by police officers and over-zealous security guards who believe they are protecting the country from some elaborate evil plan that evidently cannot engage without some glossy 8x10s. ...more

i've wondered all over snapping lots of photographs here in san diego county and so far i ...more

The Logic of Homeland Security

On the way home from Indiana, I spent some of my layover time contemplating the TSA rules for carry on items. There’s a logic to Homeland Security, I’m sure. I simply fail to understand it. read full post ...more

Glenn Beck taps Jacksonville expert to talk about hacked system at U.S. nuclear facility

Thursday evening my husband was bouncing TV channels from the U.S. Open to the Glenn Beck Show on CNN. Beck featured Chief Research Officer for the SANS Institute Johannes Ullrich in a discussion about a hacker who gained access to the system at an (undisclosed) U.S. nuclear facility. The good news: the government hired the hacker. The bad news: he didn’t totally compromise the system, but he succeeded to a point none of us would be happy about. As I watched the screen, the backdrop behind Ullrich drew my eye. First I spotted the Modis Tower. ...more

Care and Repair--the Collapse of our Infrastructure

August 2, 2007 What a shock this morning to open up the New York Times and see an interstate span over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis had collapsed. And then to proceed to CNN’s Breaking News to see and hear the live reports. I begin to see all over again the World Trade Towers coming down, though obviously, this bridge span collapse has less impact on us as a nation and less loss of life associated. ...more