Bully Breed Rescue – Pit Bulls Can Be Loving!

Bully Breed Rescue – Pit Bulls Can Be Loving!The people here are dedicated to helping the pit bull class, get rescued and find forever homes! (In Norwalk,Conneticut)They want to improve the reputation of this breed. American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, bulldogs, and pit bull mixes. ...more
Aw yay! I love my Staffordshire Bull Terrier and it makes me happy to know that there are places ...more

The Lessons My Community Center Teaches Me During The Holidays

As you've most likely figured out from previous posts, I'm invested in Pittsburgh's LGBTQ Community Center - known as the GLCC (Gay and Lesbian Community Center.) Thus, I am often asking you to also invest either with your time, your donations or your participation in events and programs.So let me tell you why....more

With every upside comes a downside...

We didn't last long in this motel. The near-nightly physical fights in a neighborhood that seemed stuffed to the brim with the same was a touch too noticeable for the owners of the motel and they asked us to leave within two weeks. They were nice enough about it. To me, anyway. They apologized profusely and offered me a full refund. We were stuck. We had nowhere to go and no way to get there....more

Our Homeless Hearts


Feeling Good in Detroit

They've elected a new mayor in Detroit, which, in other circumstances, might be a big deal, but since Detroit is under the thumb of a state-appointed emergency manager (who promptly--and probably unconstitutionally--took away all authority from every elected city official), the new mayor, Mike Duggan, will likely be mayor in name only. ...more

What Happens when You're a Mom... in Vegas.

In August my husband and I had a chance to go to Vegas, kid free! Nate's mom willingly looked after Hannah.. and the dog. It was wonderful.Proof that we really did get away! Nate and I just before Cirque du Soleil's production of "O"....more

The Nomadic Life: More Experiences, Fewer Things

I picked up the emerald dress, turning the soft jersey cotton over in my hands, looking for stains, smudges, or smears. I lifted it to my face and inhaled with a little trepidation. Good enough. I pulled it over my head for the third day in a row and packed the rest of my belongings into my backpack. Today was moving day, onto a new country. ...more
Hey stranger, fancy meeting you here. :)more

One Boy's Wish List is all about Others

In this season of "Want, Want, Want," and many children being overcome with a severe case of the "Gimme's"  I was astounded by the heart and generosity of one child- mine- when it came time to think about the gifts he wanted for his birthday.  When I asked him what he wanted for his upcoming 12th birthday, he replied very simply, "Nothing.  I have everything I need."As this isn't always the case with pre-teens who often feel compelled to ask for everything, I have to admit that I was a bit stunned.  Not that he's a selfish child, on the contrary- he's been known to give things away because the recipient didn't have that particular item, and he's always been concerned about the welfare of others.  I just assumed that like most years when it came birthday time he would easily call out a couple of items he had waited all year to ask for.  So, I pressed him again about what he would like his friends to bring him at his birthday party.  His response, "Socks.""Socks? What will you do with a ton of socks?" I inquired."I'll give them to people who don't have any.""Really?  You'd give up your birthday to those in need?" I responded."Yes, mom.  I have all I need."So, I told him about the only homeless shelter in our county.  This shelter works with families who are homeless, providing services, shelter, classes, and more.  He asked that I call them the next day and ask what top 3 items were needed, and those items are precisely what he put on his birthday list.He collect a ton of stuff: Clothes, money, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and so many of the items that the shelter needed to remain functional on a daily basis.  His final gift: he took a teddy bear to each of the 3 toddlers in residence at the shelter.  When asked why he felt it important to give a gift to the little ones he replied, "Well, the little kids couldn't make much use of the supplies, so it was important that they have something of their own."We're through his birthday, but now Christmas is upon us, and yes, initially he wanted to give that away too.  I applauded his giving spirit and told him we would certainly be involved in service projects and giving to charity, but explained that those who give gifts do it because they feel good about it and they want to give to him.  After careful persuasion he managed to come up with a few items he thinks it might be fun to get.I'm so impressed with his generosity, his leadership and example, and I can't wait to see how this boy leaves his mark on the world....more

Women Who Rock--Women Giving Back

Pat Leader wasn’t looking for her “thing,” but it found her anyway.One day, while grocery shopping, Pat ran into a friend she hadn’t seen in a while, and something was clearly wrong.  Her friend looked haggard and worn, with her children in tow.  When Pat expressed her concern, her friend confided that she had left her abusive spouse. She and her children had quickly packed a suitcase and sought safety in a shelter for abused women where they lived while she worked to get back on her feet again....more

A Hero's Example: Giving to the Homeless

For nearly thirty years, Father Maurice Chase would hand out dollar bills to people on Los Angeles’ skid row. “Father Dollar”, as Chase was called, stood on the sidewalk among the poorest of the city’s poor. He didn’t judge anyone; he simply gave dollar bills to everyone who stood in line. Father Chase didn’t care if the people used the money to buy food or drink or drugs, he only wanted those people to know they weren’t invisible and that they were loved. ...more