Homeless Women's Taboo Struggle: Their Periods

I watched the homeless woman as I waited to cross the street. She sat with her head in her hands, shaking slightly. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her around–she usually walks the blocks near the building where I work, with a vacant look in her eyes that says that somewhere, sometime, something worse than living on the streets happened to her. I had to pass her to get to my office; I thought about ducking into the breakfast joint down the street and grabbing her a biscuit. As I approached, however, I saw her real need....more

Doing Good Feels Good

This post first appeared on That Was Then | This Is Wow  I'm very excited. I just sent off the first draft of a Pro Bono logo design project to my non-profit clients. I sent several versions of the vertical version and the horizontal version of their special edition logo, to commemorate their 5th anniversary....more

Would You Want to be a Homeless Woman with No Tampons?

Can you image what it would be like to be a homeless woman without tampons?...more
I checked into this with a company that manufactures/markets these and they indicate that there ...more

Bully Breed Rescue – Pit Bulls Can Be Loving!

Bully Breed Rescue – Pit Bulls Can Be Loving!The people here are dedicated to helping the pit bull class, get rescued and find forever homes! (In Norwalk,Conneticut)They want to improve the reputation of this breed. American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, bulldogs, and pit bull mixes. ...more
Aw yay! I love my Staffordshire Bull Terrier and it makes me happy to know that there are places ...more

The Lessons My Community Center Teaches Me During The Holidays

As you've most likely figured out from previous posts, I'm invested in Pittsburgh's LGBTQ Community Center - known as the GLCC (Gay and Lesbian Community Center.) Thus, I am often asking you to also invest either with your time, your donations or your participation in events and programs.So let me tell you why....more

With every upside comes a downside...

We didn't last long in this motel. The near-nightly physical fights in a neighborhood that seemed stuffed to the brim with the same was a touch too noticeable for the owners of the motel and they asked us to leave within two weeks. They were nice enough about it. To me, anyway. They apologized profusely and offered me a full refund. We were stuck. We had nowhere to go and no way to get there....more

Our Homeless Hearts


Feeling Good in Detroit

They've elected a new mayor in Detroit, which, in other circumstances, might be a big deal, but since Detroit is under the thumb of a state-appointed emergency manager (who promptly--and probably unconstitutionally--took away all authority from every elected city official), the new mayor, Mike Duggan, will likely be mayor in name only. ...more

What Happens when You're a Mom... in Vegas.

In August my husband and I had a chance to go to Vegas, kid free! Nate's mom willingly looked after Hannah.. and the dog. It was wonderful.Proof that we really did get away! Nate and I just before Cirque du Soleil's production of "O"....more

The Nomadic Life: More Experiences, Fewer Things

I picked up the emerald dress, turning the soft jersey cotton over in my hands, looking for stains, smudges, or smears. I lifted it to my face and inhaled with a little trepidation. Good enough. I pulled it over my head for the third day in a row and packed the rest of my belongings into my backpack. Today was moving day, onto a new country. ...more
Hey stranger, fancy meeting you here. :)more