Homeless Now Mainstream

 Homelessness is one of those things to which is is hard to relate when one is warm and fed.  In fact, it is easy to forget about homeless discomfort making each homeless person "invisible." But, today the  numbers have increased so that mainstream media is giving more coverage thus heightening awareness....more
Yes, we do. And our beginning search for finding a new place in less than 60 days, so far, has ...more

Websites of Interest

reachoutandread.org accepts good, clean, used books to give to low-income children projectnightnight.org collects books and stuffed animals to give to homeless childrenNewbornsinNeed.org collects newborn baby items and distributes them to families in need. Do the women in your church knit, crochet or sew? Making baby blankets and clothes would be a great women’s group project. Unclaimed.org- type in your name to find out if you are missing any money. Bank accounts, credit unions, stocks or uncashed checks. IRS.gov for unclaimed refund checks....more

BlogHer of the Week: tangobaby

We didn't select this post because it inspired a TV news segment, or even because it has placed a woman and her children in a safe place, away from violence for a night or two (while they are safe, there's still more to be done). ...more

I'm so grateful for the exposure and attention we've been getting from BlogHer. Thank you so ...more