It's Friday and time for Friday Fictioneers to spin their tales of 100 words.   I look eagerly for the photo prompt each week.  Will it inspire a masterpiece from me or will it stump me?  It's always a challenge.  Our host is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields...more

Fashion Project Provides Shelter & Jobs for the Homeless

The fashion industry has been known to showcase designers' works on runways worn by models, but in the case of one designer, her work is not just a fashion statement, it's saving lives....more

The Day After Christmas

It’s definitely Christmas.I know this because my mother-in-law has already baked a peach cobbler and a fruitcake today and also made up food boxes to provide Christmas dinner to two local families who are desperately poor, one with three children and the other with seven....more

Our Homeless Hearts


Too Close to Home(less)

No one ever wants to say, “I’m almost homeless.”  Nor hear it from a friend or family member.  It evokes a barrage of unwanted emotions for both speaker and listener, which may include pity, shame, guilt, shock, disgust, and assorted judgments.  All are expression of fear: if it can happen to them, you could be next, right?  Nobody wants to look at that, so the fear usually dresses as pity or judgment first. ...more
Hi Gracie,  Lately I've seen two different, very inspiring videos on UpWorthy etc. regarding the ...more

New Yorker

“Ya’ll are like damn cockroaches!” a young man calls,  his lone earring shimmering behind the crowd.  Under the station’s fluorescent lights, no one  answers; but his girlfriend’s laughter  echoes against the white tiled walls....more

Homeless Frodo

I recently moved from my small hometown;  the kind where everybody knows everybody and consequently knows everybody's business.  The upside of having busybodies is that people also look out for each other.  My move brought us from that small comfortable town to a larger metropolitan area where 'anonymity' and 'fresh start' are partners.  That togetherness and community is not felt so quickly in larger cities and I learned that quickly.  It's a lonely feeling sometimes to go grocery shopping and not recognizing one single face....more

I Hope She Knows

I wasn't planning on going to the store when we set out this morning. But after two different banks, the kids were being little angels so I decided to brave it. We needed kale, broccoli and cantaloupe and Value King sold them dirt cheap. And they have the carts with the cars attached for Mr. Pants to drive. So we stopped. Immediately they both started acting up and I almost turned around to leave but instead I decided to power through. I'm so glad that I did....more

Makes Me Wonder

Sometimes I have a hard time trying to separate fact from fiction; especially when patients start giving me a back story to explain why they haven’t had follow up for a medical problem, or how their narcotics got stolen/lost/misplaced, etc. I sometimes think, seriously? Is that really how bad your life is?...more

Top 10 Signs to Look For When You Are Poor

Have you, or someone you know, ever been down and out? Maybe you recently got laid off or are one of the millions of underemployed Americans today. If so, read this article to gain great advice on how to survive and thrive an economic melt down in your own life. Remember, just because your life is spiraling downhill faster than a two ton ball of cement does not mean you can't have a sense of humor. Relax and feel completely confident that your life will be headed in the right direction after you read this lens. Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional but I play one on weekends....more