Foodie Friday: How to Make Your Own Baby Food

Three years ago, my oldest was just 4 1/2 months old. She was exclusively breastfed and we had no plans on changing that right away. We did know however that making her baby food would be in our future. I checked out books from the library, viewed multiple websites and read reviews on food processors, storage containers and the likes of other baby food making products.I am not a cook. My idea of making dinner normally includes a crock pot or a frozen pizza. I do not like cooking. Making baby food though? Is nothing like cooking. You don’t have to be a chef....more

Pureed Sweet Potato with Skin

Ingredients: 3 Sweet Potatos or Yams (cleaned & scrubbed), I bought mine at Sprouts for $1.99/lb Tools:  Oven Vitamix (or you can you your blender or mash by hand) Ice Cube Tray Spatula       ...more

Picky eater? Not in MY house....yet!

It's exciting, entering the big bad world of introducing SOLID FOOD to my baby.  We've been at it since she was 6 months (now 9 months) and have been "mostly" sailing along smoothly. ...more
My children are all grown, and my 2 grandsons are now 9 and 10, so at least for now I don't have ...more

Make your own baby food - Meat

In case you missed part 1 you can find it here.So I made chicken puree tonight and yes it looks as gross as it sounds, but oddly tastes just like mushy chicken.  Think the inside of a chicken croquet.I had ZERO idea how to make chicken mush so I did what I’m assuming everyone else does and Googled it.  Pretty much you can cook the chicken anyway and do anything.  Not helpful at all.  So I decided to do it the best way I could think of; crockpot it!...more

Homemade baby food 6-8 months

Peanut started eating solids just after 4 months, but didn’t really “get into it” until closer to 6.  We decided to make her food at home for a few reasons, including the price (you have no idea how cheap it is to make your own baby food), the quality (you know exactly what you’re putting in it), and the fact that she just loved it.  ...more