servings -6 time 1 hrs. 60 minutes difficulty- easyTry this pizza with my perfect whole-wheat dough.I have been craving pizza for the past few days and today, I decided to make some. I made my homemade whole-wheat dough; I love the nutty taste that whole wheat gives the pizza. ...more

Remembering Homemade Pizza

Jacqui Senn The other day my daughter was insisting that I make a homemade pizza. She reminded me that it had been quite some time since I had done this. She is now twenty one and I have been making my own pizza for about  sixteen years or so. Unlike the picture I hav e here on this blog , my very first homemade pizza was  quite the atrocity....more

Do you love that buttery, rich thick pan pizza crust from Pizza Hut? Now you can make it at home!

I love making pizza at home, but have yet to find the perfect pizza dough - until now.  This dough comes out perfect every time!  You can make three pan pizzas or a thin crust to suit your pizza lovers style!  An interesting ingredient makes this dough light and tender.

Gluten-Free Pizza Dough: Easier Than You Think

It’s the go-to party food, the something-went-wrong-with-dinner salvation meal and one of the most requested gluten-free recipes of all time. While there are gluten-free frozen pizzas, premade crusts and box mixes on the market, I’m all for homemade. In fact, in my pre-GF life, homemade pizza made a regular appearance at our house. We’d make two huge pies, meat eaters designed one, veg heads took control of the other, and we’d just go to town with the toppings…fun! I’m not changing what I eat, just the recipes!   ...more
@AllAboutBhamAL thanks! Such a simple recipe to put together, so versatile! Even works great ...more