Can You Get 5 Meals and Lots of Chicken Stock Out of 2 Chickens? Yes You Can

I have had some friends ask me about how I make my homemade chicken stock, so I thought I would share it with you all today. I will warn you it is a lengthy post! First, I make chicken stock because we prefer to use organic chicken and chicken stock in our home. Yes, organic chicken is much more expensive but in our house we believe that eating organic is important to our health (we are not overzealous about it, just try to stick with organic as much as possible). ...more
@KarenLynnn It cures what ails you ;)more

How to Make Vegetable, Meat, Chicken, or Fish Stock and Five Reasons You Should Be Doing It

Most people who love to cook are pretty committed to making their own stock or broth, and I've been making homemade stock as long as I can remember. Now mind you, I'm not one of those cooking snobs who turns their nose up at the mere mention of canned broth, but I do love being able to pull a container out of the freezer whenever I need vegetable, chicken, beef, turkey, ham, or fish stock. Still, even though I'm sold on the joys of homemade stock, I'm guessing some of you might wonder why making homemade stock is so great, so let's start with the five reasons you should be making your own stock. ...more

I vaguely remember hearing about the calcium, but I had forgetten it. Hadn't heard the tip about ...more