Yogurt in as few words as possible

Heat milk.Cool milk.Stir in starterLeave in warm place til delicious.Stick in fridge overnight. Less scary this way, I think.  Heat milk (about 180°F)...more


As it is not always easy (or affordable, when you use a lot of it) to acquire, I've been making my own yogurt. Once you get into it, the variations can be fun. Also occasionally disastrous, which leads us to tip number one: Keep a small amount of your starter (2-3 tablespoons) frozen, so that when you inevitably need to toss a batch and start over, it's there when you want it. Or just buy a new container of yogurt, use two teaspoons to restart and eat the rest. That works too....more

Homemade Yogurt - Why?

To anyone who has already crafted a great batch of creamy, smooth yogurt at home, the answer to this question is, as my grandmother would say, "As clear as the nose on your face."  The taste and texture of fresh homemade yogurt is so far superior to store bought brands, that it's really laughable.  Hahaha, I smile thinking about it, even as I spoon another amazing mouthful of Greek yogurt into my face.  Yummmm....please pass the honey....more

Homemade Yogurt in Mason Jars

My personal yogurt consumption goes up and down. I'll go for weeks eating it every day and then suddenly, I'll stop and a month will go by before I have it again. I have no good explanation for this. It's just the way things happen in my edible world. I'm currently is a very pro-yogurt phase. I've been eating more than a quart a week and started feeling guilt about consuming so many plastic containers. It was time to restart my homemade yogurt habit....more
 @Genie Gratto  You are welcome, Genie, and it was my pleasure!more

Belly-Lovin’ Homemade Yogurt

Everyone in my family likes yogurt. I usually buy plain organic – and we all spice it up in our own way. For instance, I usually add cinnamon and blueberries to mine....more

We're Still Making Yogurt

In the last week I've wasted a gallon of milk and several packages of yogurt cultures. You heard me right, a gallon of milk. I'm actually pretty annoyed with myself. Super frugal right? ...more

The Accidental Locavore's Farm Box and a Recipe for Sugar Snap Peas

This week the Accidental Locavore's farm box definitely looked like things are getting ripe on the farm. The big surprise was a box of beautiful strawberries, as lovely and flavorful as the ones we got in Nice....more

Delicious, Flavorful, Versatile Yogurt

Roxanne Sukol MD "Your Health is on Your Plate" Some time ago I wrote a post about store-bought, flavored yogurt and the absurd amounts of sugar contained therein,  called Everything You Wanted to Know About Yogurt but Were Afraid To Ask .   But the truth is there's a lot more to know about yogurt, and don't worry -- it's all good. The first step to restoring yogurt to its healthful place in smart eating is to buy it plain.  You can try your hand at making your own yogurt, but you'll still need some plain yogurt to get started.  "Plain," by the way, is what I would have called yogurt if I wanted consumers to be more interested in other, fancier options, especially if I could increase profits by doing so.  But that's not what I want for you, so  I would call it "pure" yogurt.  So the first step is to buy plain, whole-milk yogurt.  Now, if you aren't ready to switch from low-fat to whole fat, we can compromise for now.  Just please make sure it's plain yogurt, with live, active cultures (check the label). ...more

Not That Frugal? Don't Worry, You Don't Have To Make Yogurt to Read Me

You know, something odd happens when word gets out about your frugality. (I think it's safe to say that word has gotten out about mine!) Even though it's not my intention at all, as a result of my incessant frugal blogging, other people are feeling guilty for spending more on groceries than I do, for not making yogurt, for not baking bread, for using their dryer exclusively, and for a multitude of other things. ...more

Aloha from Maui! There have been months and years that I have read blogs like yours - not always ...more