How to Indulge While Caring for Home and Family

It's no secret that motherhood is hard. Being a stay-at-home Mom is hard hard work. I mean, if I don't schedule and protect some time alone to indulge in whatever I want, then I really lose my mind.But, even when I schedule time in just for me, inevitably it's just not enough. You know the days, right?...more

Homemade DIY recipe for luxurious body butter with only 3 ingredients!

I got to experimenting a couple of years ago, attempting to create my own homemade recipe for body butter....more

You Won't Believe How Fast It Goes Now

   I remember everything about that morning. The breakfast, the getting dressed in the tiny navy shorts and uniform polo, tying his shoes, packing his favorite  lunch foods in the Blue’s Clue’s lunchbox.  I remember the sad drive there, and thinking silently in my head, “Is he going to be ok there all day? What if he just wants to come home? His teacher doesn’t know any of his likes and dislikes!...more

If This Is Your First Year With All Your Kids In School

  Two years ago it happened. The day I had been waiting, anticipating, and desperately pining for like no other day. After being an at home mom to four little boys for 14 years, all of my boys would finally be in school. All of them, in real school, all day. I was bursting at the seams when I finally dropped the youngest son off at kindergarten. The whole day lay ahead of me, and with it so many deliciously liberating options!  I could go home and go back to bed....more

The Great Homemaking Ideas Party

Come Join the Great Homemaking Ideas Party!This isn't just any party... and it isn't just any linkup, either! I am working on the final draft of my book, Hacking Homemaking: Homemaking and Housekeeping Tips and Tools to Make Your Life Easier, Greener and a Lot More Fun! And now it's your turn......more

I have a sewing machine. Now what?

I spent Mother’s Day with the ones who call me mommy and the one responsible for making me mom (my children and Mr. C, of course). What is normally a crazy Sunday morning routine of getting everyone fed, showered, dressed and out the door to church at the same time was tamed by a morning spent sleeping in and a Starbucks coffee waiting for me when I came out of the shower. Seriously. Why can’t every Sunday be like this?...more

It's Too Pretty to Use!

I heard it more than once today. “Oh, look at at that. It’s almost to pretty to use!” A potholder, a dish cloth. My hard work combined with well-chosen materials. Not art, but pretty close to craft. Lovely. But for some, not meant for the hard work of life....more
Yes!  That's why we use the fancy water goblets for juice daily.  If they break, oh well.  At ...more

I Like Being Domestic and That Is Not a Crime!

I am posting on this topic, because it has been a subject weighing on my mind. When I started this blog I was actually worried about what a couple people would say about the subject matter. They haven't, but none the less I was worried that I would be perceived as "just a housewife".   Why? Well, because of the weird form of feminism that is all too present in our society. We have become so obsessed with making sure women are seen as more than the 50's housewife that we now have put a stigma on homemaking. I agree that feminism is important....more
You are so right.  I chose to be a stay at home mother, substitute teacher and volunteer (with a ...more

Studio Petrounova

I'd like to present certain design ideas I am contemplating as a former intern architect; living as a wife, mother in TN....more